Ice Fisherman Lands Monster Lake Trout After Monster Lake Trout

by Victoria Santiago

A Canadian ice fisherman landed not one, not two, but THREE giant lake trout. Justin Jenken, formerly of Winnipeg but now of Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada, often fishes for the Fish Frostbite YouTube channel. During one such occasion, he was ice fishing and managed to catch some big ones. Through six feet of ice on the Schultz Lake, he managed to pull up one goliath lake trout after the other. If you’re looking to catch some hefty lake trout, looks like you might wanna travel to Schultz Lake, which is three hours away from all civilization.

The lake itself is relatively shallow where Jenken caught the fish – only 13 feet deep. He pivots the camera to the hole in the ice, to show that he’s having issues bringing the trout up through the multiple feet of ice. Jenken reaches his hand down into the hole, remarking that the process is stressful. After some patience, we finally begin to see the first of the monster trout.

On average, lake trout are around 20 inches in length. The world record for the largest lake trout is 50 inches in length and 102 pounds in weight. Jenken’s first trout was a whopping 42 inches in length. He said that it wasn’t the biggest lake trout he’s ever seen, but it’s definitely up there. The ice fisherman caught a smaller trout before pulling up another giant one. He didn’t measure any other of the trout he caught. Instead, he just marveled at the size of the fish he was pulling out of the ice. After his third monster fish, Jenken had to call it quits. He got in quite the workout pulling up those behemoths from the water.

You can see all of the amazing trout Jenken caught here.

Jenken Has Better Luck Than This Ice Fisherman

In October, a fellow ice fishing enthusiast got excited for the season a little too soon. In Wisconsin, an intoxicated driver tried to take his truck and his ice shack out onto the ice of a lake. Unfortunately for the fisherman, the ice wasn’t quite sturdy enough to hold him, his ice shack, or his truck. The truck sunk into the water of the lake and the driver was charged with an OWI. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the incident.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only Operating While Intoxicated charge that was handed out that night. According to the Barron County Sheriff’s Department, the ice fisherman was actually the third person to receive an OWI that night. The truck driver’s offense was particularly serious because it was completely preventable. Alcohol and trucks don’t mesh well anyways, let alone on a lake with flimsy ice on top.