Idaho Fisherman Lands Cutthroat Trout That Doubles Previous State Weight Record

by Charles Craighill

With the pandemic forcing everyone inside to quarantine, people have craved a connection with the outdoors more than ever. This recent surge has resulted in a new weight record for Trout in Idaho. On December 12, Jordan Rodriguez caught a 20-inch cutthroat Trout that officially weighed 2.27 pounds. This absolutely smashed the previous record held by Hayleigh Urban for her 1.17 pound trout. That record was set back in September.

“With winter finally here, you might have thought we were done with new record fish for a while. Nope, not yet,” the Idaho department of fish and game said in a release.

Rodriguez set the record with the 20-inch Lahontan cutthroat trout while fishing at Grasmere Reservoir. These specific fish originally come from areas in Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon. They have recently begun to be planted in specific Idaho waterways.

In Idaho, most fishing spots remain open year-round, however, some close toward the end of November. If you plan on getting out there to hook some record breakers, check the Idaho Fish and Game website to make sure you’re in season. Every state should have a website that provides their rules and regulations for fishing and hunting.

2020: a Record Year for the Outdoors

The cutthroat trout weight record was not the only one broken this year. Fox reports that many states have seen huge spikes in fishing and hunting licenses this year. Likewise, sales in outdoor gear have also seen an increase. The numbers make sense, however, as hunting and fishing by nature require isolation.

Sure, sitting in a duck blind with your buddy doesn’t scream “social distancing,” but overall, those activities work well isolated. As Louis Porter, Vermont’s fish and wildlife commissioner says, “All of the things that hunting offers to people and the varied reasons people hunt all fit in with the pandemic.”