Idaho Hiker Gives Look at Grisly Injury After Being Charged by a Moose

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jon G. Fuller / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

They’re cute and big and fluffy, but you’re looking at a possible death sentence if you get a little too close to a moose.

One hiker in Idaho had to find this out the hard way.

According to East Idaho News, Cord McCurdy was on the Gibson Jack Trail near Pocatello. It’s a trail the man has taken countless times and is very familiar with. He told the news outlet that he was hiking the trail and wasn’t even aware a moose was near him until it was too late.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a branch breaking behind him and turned to see who or what was behind him. What he ended up seeing was a less-than-happy moose in the worst stance possible. The moose had its head down and ears back as it started to charge at McCurdy.

Fast-Thinking During Moose Attack

Luckily, he knew what to do and moved fast. Even then, he suffered some pretty gruesome injuries.

“I knew I had to get on the ground fast, so I jumped off the trail and just basically got into the fetal position, protected my head and everything and luckily I think that helped my head where I just sustained basically a pretty good cut. She continued a couple of more times and kind of stomped on my legs and that’s actually what kind of what hurt the worst,” McCurdy said.

He suffered a major cut on his head as well as some injuries to his leg. He was able to hike his way to safety, however. McCurdy shared the entire incident on social media and also noted he will still be taking hikes on his favorite trails. This one bad experience won’t keep him from that.

Now, he’s probably just going to make sure he’s extra prepared for any wilderness surprises. That just means having a first aid kit, some bear spray, and other tools for survival.

A moose attack is actually pretty rare, seeing as these animals tend to just keep to themselves. However, if you somehow startle the animal, intentionally or not, they can react defensively. That is especially the case when females are having their calves in the spring.

When it comes to moose attacks, they’re going to be more likely in March and April.

At this time, many of them prefer to walk on trails, despite nearby people, just because they’re easier to walk on.

Earlier this month, a video was shared on social media that shows a cow moose charging at a man in his driveway. Just as it looks like a lost cause, a small, yet brave and mighty, wiener dog springs into action.

If the dog didn’t show up, the man could have been pinned to the ground or the truck he was standing in front of. That could be deadly.