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Iguanas ‘Rained’ From the Sky in Florida After Temperatures Dropped Over the Weekend

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Temperatures across the United States have absolutely plummeted this month. Extreme winter weather has managed to reach as far south as our nation’s sunshine state. Harsh winds, increased snow accumulation, and icy conditions have Outsiders and wildlife alike farther north hunkering down. Simultaneously, Floridian Outsiders are experiencing an entirely different phenomenon as iguanas have suddenly begun raining from the sky.

Okay, “raining” might be a stretch. But while New Englanders have to keep an eye out for white-tailed deer crossing treacherously icy backroads, Florida Southerners should keep their eyes up. Cold weather has begun to stun many of the state’s cold-blooded reptiles, causing many to fall from their treetop perches.

Iguanas began falling out of trees as areas across the typically warm state experienced record cold. In fact, January 30th saw West Palm Beach reach its lowest morning temperature in 12 years, at 37 degrees Fahrenheit. In many places, the weather has begun to stun the iguanas, literally freezing them in place. Check it out.

For the reptiles, the experience is surely traumatic. They are basically forced to wait until they get warm again before they can start to move. After all, as cold-blooded creatures, they depend on the sun and their environment’s natural warmth to maintain a regular body temperature.

According to the clip, iguanas begin to “rain” down from trees when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, while winter weather like this is surely a shock for Southerners, we definitely wouldn’t want to be an iguana right now.

Falling Iguanas Pose Potential Danger to Floridian Residents

“Raining” iguanas are surely a strange enough phenomenon. However, meteorologists were forced to issue an equally strange weather warning as Florida buckled down for colder weather last week.

Ahead of the drop in temperature and the reptilian precipitation, Floridians received a warning regarding the danger of falling iguanas.

Weighing up to 20 pounds, these cold-blooded creatures could seriously injure someone if one fell directly on top of them.

One Fox-affiliated reporter, Vivian Gonzales, provided further details on what to do should Outsiders encounter one of these fallen reptiles, emphasizing that the creatures are not dead, only stunned.

“Don’t approach,” she warned. “Once the sun is out, they will move.” Always good to know.

On another occasion, one Florida man saw a troublesome iguana cause an entirely different disturbance in his bathroom this summer. While brushing his teeth, he saw an iguana had gotten a little too comfortable, temporarily taking up residence in his toilet.

After a fight with the creature and its whiplike tail, the homeowner managed to get the reptile out of his house. Therefore, if we had to choose between raining iguanas or an iguana in the toilet, we’d take the precipitating kind any day.