Indiana Police Officers Rescue Deer Trapped in Swimming Pool: VIDEO

by TK Sanders
Photo by: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Indiana police saved a deer trapped in a swimming pool in a fun rescue caught on video last week. The police responded to a residential call in South Bend on St. Patrick’s Day. They found a deer stuck at the bottom of an empty swimming pool trying unsuccessfully to escape.

“St. Patrick’s Day started out fairly unlucky for one deer in South Bend after it found its way into an empty backyard pool, but couldn’t get back out,” the South Bend Police Department said, Zenger News reports.

In the video, police huddle around the edge of the pool as the deer peers up at them, confused. After failing to get the deer out via the steps so it could walk out on its own, one policeman stepped up.

“The officers, along with Animal Control, first attempted to lure the deer to the pool steps, so it could walk out on its own,” the department said. “They tried various tactics. However, the animal became frightened and jumped back into the pool, just as it had a chance to escape.

“First Detail Officers Gutierrez and Kaszas then stepped in to help the deer turn its luck around.”

Officer Gutierrez stepped into the pool and grabbed the deer with two arms, carrying it out to the woods. The animal promptly dashed away into the wild after the helping hand.

“Kudos to Officers Gutierrez and Kaszas for using inventive ways to help rescue this animal in need!” the department said. “All in a day’s work for SBPD!”

Police rescue a deer in Pennsylvania by shooting off its antlers

Earlier this week, another state official had to free a deer in distress; this time in Pennsylvania when a deer found itself tangled in a mesh net.

Quick-thinking Pennsylvania Game Commission warden Ryan Zawada freed a buck whose antler got tangled by “shooting” it free. The warden shared photos of the rescue scene via social media Monday. One of the photos amazingly shows the exact moment the deer’s antler dislodged from the net as the warden aims from the foreground. The rifle shot severed the antler on impact.

“Given the deer’s state of distress upon arrival, Zawada was nervous that chemical immobilization was not a safe option to remove the deer from the net,” Pennsylvania Game Commission officials wrote in the Facebook post. “He decided the best option was to shoot the caught antler off. After the shot, one antler lighter, the buck ran off unharmed.”

Male deer routinely shed their antlers annually after mating season concludes in winter and early spring. Shedding does not cause the animals any pain whatsoever, so the warden’s shot did nothing but free the distressed buck back into the wild. The photos of the “rescue” suggest that the buck was relatively young, given its small and simple antlers.