Injured Swiss Cows Rescued Via Helicopter From Alpine Pastures

by Courtney Blackann

Several cows got an unusual ride this week. Generally, when you hear the hum of a helicopter propeller, it’s not dangling a giant animal below. However, a dozen Swiss cows hitched a ride to their destination after being injured.

It was in Klausenpass, Switzerland that the cows were making their annual trek to the Swiss Alpine meadows when officials monitoring them noticed the injured animals.

Of about 1,000 animals crossing, a dozen were injured along the mountain side terrain where they trek. One by one, the animals were safely secured into a harness and removed from the pathway. At about 6,400 feet above sea, the bovines took flight – surely a once in a lifetime ride. Each cow was dropped in the Urnerboden are, according to Reuters.

While the animals may have been a bit confused about their high-above-ground flight, hopefully they took in the gorgeous scenery around them.

Aggressive French Cows

Speaking of cows being in unusual situations, a crowd of beach goers got a surprise on the island of Corsica. The island borders the Mediterranean sea and is a gorgeous landscape of beaches with the whitest sand you’ll ever see. It lines up to the beautiful, turquoise waters. It appears to be the setting for a relaxing, calm vacation right?

Well, not exactly.

A whole heap of wild cows overtook one of the island’s beaches making tourists a bit uncomfortable.

Further, several tourists received injuries from the cows that decided to spontaneously attack. A man received treatment at the local hospital after a cow got too close and attacked him. The seemingly innocent creatures turned into aggressive, territorial beasts.

After COVID-19 shut down tourism largely for the year 2020, the cows had the island mainly to themselves. When tourism resumed this year, the island increasingly got busier. A struggle for turf sent the beach guests and cows at odds.

While it seems a bit humorous, officials warned the situation is anything but funny.

“Tourists laugh at this as folklore and take pictures, but it’s a real pest … When you see that [the cows] are heading in a particular direction, it is best to give them priority,” a councilor and animal rescue official said to the Times of London.

The cows were responsible for chasing tourists down streets and seriously injuring others. The incidents led officials to shut down the beaches to reduce risks.

Interestingly, the island of Corsica is home to 15,000 wild cows. While it seems bizarre the animals would be that aggressive, it’s been a real annoyance, authorities said.