WATCH: Iowa Fisherman Shows Off Huge 71-Pound Flathead Catfish Catch

by Dustin Schutte

Those enjoying the summer fun in Iowa need to keep their eyes open when splashing around the rivers and lakes this year. If you’re not careful, you might just collide with a massive flathead catfish in the murky waters.

Iowa fisherman Greg Sieck of Outdoor X Media hauled in a monstrous 71.6-pound flathead catfish. He showed off his impressive catch on the company’s YouTube channel. It was the largest flathead catfish the show has ever captured.

Sieck caught this mammoth of a fish in a creek off the Des Moines River, according to This catch comes up 10 pounds shy of the state’s flathead catfish record. In 1958, Joe Baze reeled in an 81-pounder.

Sieck released the goliath back into the water after making the catch. The catfish is approximately 60 years old.

Fishermen can catch up to 15 river catfish per day, according to Tyler Stubbs of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Department. There are no weight or length restrictions, either.

“They’re something that people really chase after from a trophy standpoint and are typically released,” Stubbs told

This 71-pounder won’t be dinner for Sieck or the Outdoor X Media team, but he’ll go down as the channel’s largest catch to date.

Always Be Cautious When Handling Catfish

Greg Sieck’s impressive 71-pound flathead catfish catch is a fun story for Iowa and the Outdoor X Media team. The anglers hauled in one of the state’s largest catfish and the 60-year-old mammoth was released back into the water.

Not all stories involving catfish are quite as pleasant, unfortunately. Earlier this summer, the spines of a catfish injured a young child while on a fishing trip in Florida.

The spines penetrated the chest of the child during a fishing venture in New Port Richey. The victim suffered from a “shortness of breath” while on the way to the hospital, according to the Pasco County Fire Rescue. Responders listed the child as a “trauma alert” and rushed the youngster to the hospital.

The Pasco County Fire Rescue provided an update shortly after the victim arrived at the hospital.

“I’ve never heard of something like that,” Dierdorff told WTSP-TV. “You hear of fisherman that might be cut by a barb or hit in the back of the leg and get an infection, but never heard of one penetrating the chest.”

No further updates on the victim’s status have been provided.