Isle Royale National Park Devastated By Wildfire, Forced to Close Affected Areas

by Madison Miller

When you show up at Isle Royale National Park northwest of Lake Superior in Michigan, you’re greeted by the rustic and exclusive outdoors.

Isle Royale is an island off the Great Lakes. It all starts with a journey across Lake Superior, where you’re then faced with crystal clear water, a beautiful shoreline, and a land untouched by outside influences. It’s home to gorgeous forests full of wildlife, such as wolves and moose.

Isle Royale National Park Wildfire

Sadly, parts of Isle Royale National Park face closures after a wildfire damaged part of the land.

According to ABC 12, there is a devastating wildfire that has scorched 200 acres of beautiful, natural land. The ongoing forest fire has done the most damage on the east end of the remote island, the Horne.

The fire is caused by the ongoing drought, which we are seeing all across the country. The high levels of fire dangers and hot temperatures are other factors. The fire started after lightning struck the dry forest.

Some closed areas include a lot of the campsites and trails along the shoreline of Duncan Bay. The closures are meant to keep people at a safe distance from the fires. It also allows officials to evaluate the area and to fully understand the fire conditions.

Some of the other closures include Lone Cove Trail and Campground, Greenstone Ridge Trail East of Mount Franklin Junction, Hidden Lake Dock, and Stoll Trial and Scoville Point.

So, if you were planning an epic backpacking trip through the remote island, maybe put it on hold.

Lassen Volcanic National Park Burns

Sadly, Isle Royale National Park is not the only national park to suffer from the huge influx of fires happening.

The Dixie Fire burned through half of Lassen Volcanic National Park. It has left all the historical cabins and the lookout tower in a state of burned-down rubble.

The Dixie Fire in Northern California is the second-largest fire in state history. The disastrous fire has burned down hundreds of buildings and has left communities destroyed. The fire has burned about 725,822 acres and is at about 40% containment at this time.

According to NPR, the California fire officials reported more than a dozen active wildfires all across the state, which is a number that has continued to fluctuate. There are over 100 wildfires burning through the western portion of the U.S.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the fire has not reached the town of Mineral yet. This is where the headquarters of the park is located. It has also not impacted the Bumpass Hell geothermal hotbed. As the fire grows, lovers of the national park are hoping that little more damage will occur.

There are normally half a million people that visit the national park each year. The fire impacted about 106,452 acres of the park.