Jamaican Fisherman Attacked by 15-Foot Tiger Shark in Caribbean Sea, Gets Arm Ripped Off

by Bryan Fyalkowski

A Jamaican fisherman with 30 years of experience out on the water was attacked by a 15-foot tiger shark that ripped off his right arm. He says even though he will have to learn to be left-handed, he is grateful to be alive.

Michael Simpson went out on the Caribbean Sea last week and encountered the shark early in the afternoon. Shark attacks are not common near the coast of Jamaica, but Simpson believes higher-than-usual winds pushed the deadly fish closer to his boat.

Simpson was in the water when he felt something bounce up against him. He quickly realized it was a tiger shark, and tried to grab a fishing gun to fend it off. But the gun fell in the water and the shark attacked him. It was then that he had to fight for his life, wrestling with the predator.

He screamed for help while the shark clamped down on his arm and shook him side-to-side. A nearby boater saw him and rushed over right away. But when the boat drew nearer, the shark bit down harder on Simpson’s arm and ripped it off.

The fellow fisherman got Simpson out of the water and rushed him to the closest hospital as quickly as possible. Although he lost a lot of blood, he survived. And he gives God thanks for being alive because it could have been worse.

Fisherman Survives Shark Attack Through Sheer Will

Simpson says his “determination to survive” is the only reason he is alive. And he “fought with everything he had” to endure the shark attack and recover at the hospital.

Even though he is proud of his bravery and the attack he was able to overcome, he is worried about his family’s future because he just lost his way of earning a living. Simpson does not know how to captain a boat with his left hand and might not be able to learn.

Fellow fishermen in the area have become worried about shark attacks if they go back out in the sea. Simpson wants them to be very careful and alert so an attack like this does not happen to them.