Kayaker Who Went Viral for Wild Battle with 600-Pound Marlin Has Moment Preserved: PHOTOS

by Amy Myers

“I was in for the fight of my life,” Florida angler Scott Mutchler recalled from his 45-minute fight with a 600-pound marlin. Now, that moment when the giant billfish jumped out of the air will hang on his walls for all to admire.

The journey to immortalize his greatest waterfront conquest began when the Jupiter, Florida native decided to head to Los Buzos Fishing Resort on May 23. Seated in a small, yellow fishing kayak, Mutchler paddled out into the Pacific off the coast of Panama.

It was there that he felt the 600-pound beast pull on his line before leaping into the air. The black marlin then proceeded to drag Mutchler for a mile before finally tiring. Meanwhile, Adam Fisk, a Los Buzos guide who had previously caught two 500-pound marlins, himself, caught the entire fight on film.

Mutchler told FTW Outdoors,  “Once I was hooked it was nothing like I ever could have dreamed about. I was in for the fight of my life.”

He added, “After having seen Adam land his black marlin, it was something I had dreamed about and envisioned myself doing.”

Take a look:

Since that day, Mutchler has been hoping to immortalize that moment so he can relive the thrill of the adventure each time he looks at it. So, he met with marine artist Carey Chen to recreate the iconic scene that has warranted hundreds of thousands of views online.

“I’m honored to have the painting legend Carey Chen paint this for me,” he wrote Friday on Facebook. “He’s as nice as he seems on videos.”

Artist Reveals Rendering of Angler’s Famous Fight with Black Marlin

Chen was just as excited to meet with Mutchler, too. In fact, he posted the details of their meeting on Facebook.

“Met with the kayak legend that has the most viral fishing photo on the internet Scott Mutchler who commissioned me to do the painting of his 600 lb black marlin he released on the kayak Los Buzos Panama got to hear a bit of his story of the fight,” Chen explained. “Such a [sic] incredible feat not only to release a 600 lb black marlin but from a kayak, this takes extraordinary skills.”

The talented marine artist even set up a meet-and-greet at a local bar where other anglers can hear the regaling of the massive conquest. Along with the unveiling of the painting, Chen also posed for a few photos with his subject.

Check out the painting and the original photos below.

Not surprisingly, Chen’s painting captures the intensity of the moment perfectly. Between the vibrant colors and the focus on the fisherman, the artist recreated the moment that most anglers can only dream of.