Kentucky Anglers Land Monster 95-Pound Blue Catfish To Keep Remarkable Streak Alive

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

On Tuesday, March 15, two anglers in Kentucky teamed up to catch and release an enormous blue catfish that weighed over 90 pounds.

But what’s crazier is that fishermen Michael Robinson and Terry Raymer made a similar catch on the exact same day a year before. And a year before that. And yes, even a year before that, too.

“Although a fish of this size is something anglers often only see in their dreams, Terry and his fishing buddies are no strangers to them,” media brand Kentucky Afield explained via social media. “On March 15th the past four years in a row they have put a fish over 80 pounds in the boat. Amazing!”

Including the 95-pounder from this year, Robinson and Raymer also netted a 82-pounder, a 80-pounder, and a 75-pounder on March 15 the past three years. Raymer said they hooked the fish at one of their favorite spots near Louisville.

“I think I might go fishing there on the 15th again next year,” he joked.

This Blue catfish from Kentucky was huge, but not a world record. Not even close, actually.

With Robinson on the rod, the massive blue catfish struck a piece of skipjack tuna, then put up an incredible fight.

“The fish swam straight to the boat like it didn’t know it was hooked, then got under the boat and peeled,” Raymer said. “It was about as hard a fight for five minutes at the boat as a blue can give, which was surprising considering the water was 45 degrees.”

After a friend at the dock weighed the catch, Raymer and Robinson released their prize back into the water, hoping to see it again next year.

“I was pretty excited to be part of Mike’s catch and I take a lot of satisfaction being able to put my friends on some trophies,” Raymer said. “They appreciate all the time I’ve put on the river and they soak it in like sponges.”

Blue catfish are abundant in Kentucky’s Ohio River basin system, but the giants almost never take the bait from a fisherman; which makes the four-year consecutive streak all the more impressive. The catfish also make regular homes in the Mississippi and Missouri river systems, and have been introduced in bodies of water across the country.

The current world record catch weighed in at a staggering 143 pounds and hailed from the Kerr Lake in Virginia back in 2011.

For anyone having a hard time picturing a 95-pound fish, imagine carrying a tall burlap sack full of grain with both arms wedged underneath for support. Fish of that size also require special scales to even measure weight.