Koe Wetzel Has Deadeye Accuracy, Drops Bull Elk from Over 540 Yards

by Jonathan Howard

Looks like Koe Wetzel went out and nabbed himself a bull elk. The country music singer nailed the kill from 540 yards away. It is a great video that shows the country music star out with Fierce Firearms.

During the 17 minute video, Wetzel goes out with the crew and waits for an elk. The kit he had with him looked impressive, including the scope on his rifle. When the time came, he didn’t hesitate much. The animal seemed spooked a bit. Then, he landed the shot, and the bull elk fell. As the video below shows, it was a very clean shot.

Koe Wetzel had a great spotter out on his hunt. For those looking for the kill, you can skip to around the 9:30 mark in the video. That’s where he begins to line up his shot and takes down the animal. Afterward, the country singer is in disbelief. The shot he hit was impressive and the bull itself was really impressive.

Wetzel isn’t just a regular, casual hunter, either. He has been around the woods and more, more than a few times. He has shown time and again that he is an avid outdoorsman. The Texas native loves to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Koe Wetzel Goes Alligator Hunting

Not only does Koe Wetzel hunt bull elk, but he also hunts gators. Seriously, there isn’t a beast that this country star isn’t down to hunt or trap. While he was impressive with that rifle against the elk, gator hunting is completely different territory.

However, Wetzel made it look easy. Back in September, gator season in Texas was in full effect. So, the singer got his knife and got to work. In an Instagram post, he said, “Got to grab ahold and knife my first gator this weekend. Whiskey was drank, memories were made and got to hang out with some good ass folks.”

While it wasn’t a massive 10-foot-plus gator, it looked like a formidable foe. The mid-sized reptile is a nice checkmark on Wetzel’s list. Not to mention he did it all while rocking a gold Rolex. Seriously, no one has had more bling on their wrist than Wetzel while gator hunting.

So, no matter if it is the Texas wetlands, or in the woods surrounded by brown foliage, Koe Wetzel is going to find something to hunt. When he isn’t trying to hunt something down, he is playing shows around the country. He is one of the acts that will be part of Post Malones Posty Fest. That show is going to feature a ton of different acts. There will be country, hip hop, and almost everything in between.

The country star is going to have a freezer full of various game meat, that’s for sure.