Labrador Springs Into Action, Fights Alligator to Save Her Duck ‘Friends’

by Jonathan Howard

Everyone knows dogs are man’s best friend. However, they might also be duck’s best friend if this labrador has anything to say about it. Our furry companions really can do just about anything with their big hearts and brave souls. Who would have thought, a water dog would take to waterfowl so well?

The appropriately named Beauty is a black labrador retriever that made quite a save recently. Her owner detailed the story and it is storybook worthy. While livestock guardian dogs are best for taking care of, well livestock, other breeds are capable of opening their hearts to feathered friends and more.

Down in Panama City Beach, Florida, Beauty had to spring into action in order to save her duck friends. The eight-year-old dog has looked after her webbed-footed friends for quite a while. Although the ducks don’t cuddle up to the dog, she insists on following them around to the lake and wherever else they roam. She has even saved the ducks from a bush once!

“She just loves those ducks and wants to be their friend,” her owner Misti Robert said to Yahoo! News.

On September 13, Beauty followed them down to the water like any other day. However, there was soon a terrible ruckus. After hearing a bunch of duck squawks and some unusual barking from her dog, Roberts first saw the alligator. Soon, Beauty came back with her duck friends following behind. Well, two of the three.

Beauty the Labrador Recovering From Injuries

When the lab and her ducks came back to the house, Roberts was terrified. “There was just blood everywhere,” she says. It was soon apparent that her dog was not going to be able to climb the stairs on her own and there were serious wounds after the gator attack.

Roberts and her three daughters got Beauty to the veterinarian as fast as possible. There were multiple wounds. Just a scary situation all around. Having a wounded dog feels like the most helpless situation. However, they acted quickly. The vet, Dr. Gerrie Barr spoke with WJHG about the incident.

“She was unstable and in shock, she had multiple soft tissue wounds and an obvious leg issue,” Barr told the news station.

When it was all said and done, she had multiple wounds on her back and suffered a broken femur. Currently, Beauty is still under the watchful eye of Dr. Barr. Making sure the wounds heal properly and without infection is important. Not to mention how traumatic a femur break can be. Meanwhile, the alligator is being searched for by Fish and Wildlife officials.

Maybe those ducks will hang a little closer to their canine friend after all.