Lake Tahoe Shrouded in Smoke From Encroaching Caldor Fire in Eerie Photo

by Shelby Scott

The Western United States has seen no rest this summer from the outbreak of wildfires. Currently, fires burn across states such as California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and more. According to an ABC 10 report, the state of California alone has experienced more than 6,000 fire incidents this year. Additionally, those fires have burned over 1 million acres of land. However, firefighters desperately fight the growing Caldor Fire as it consumes land and vegetation surrounding Lake Tahoe, CA.

According to the New York Post, Northern California has already seen a large number of threatening fires this summer and many of them remain uncontained. The outlet further stated that the Caldor Fire in particular exploded in size within the span of a week. Additionally, Caldor has become the United State’s No. 1 firefighting priority as it continues to threaten the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The Caldor Fire currently spans an area of 190 square miles. Since its eruption last week, it has destroyed at least 455 homes. It was previously only 11% contained and continued to threaten more than 17,000 structures within its reach. California representative, Tom McClintock, said, “The fires that are raging all around us nearby are screaming this warning: Tahoe could be next.”

The Caldor Fire Proves Difficult to Contain

California’s Lake Tahoe Basin has not experienced a major wildfire since 2007 and, according to the New York Post, scars from the earlier fire are still apparent in the commercial region located in Stateline, found on the California/Nevada border.

Nevertheless, firefighters persist in their efforts to contain the fire. However, due to evergrowing climate change, hot, dry summers out west have contributed to major drought conditions. In this way, plumes of smoke have burst into flames. Wildfire embers have blown miles ahead of manmade firelines, taking away firefighters’ ability to contain the flames.

The Caldor Fire has no doubt proved to be destructive at present despite the firemen’s best efforts. However, unfortunately, the Caldor Fire isn’t the only one threatening the pristine waters and surrounding areas of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is Further Threatened by the State’s Largest Fire, Dixie

While Caldor burns to the southwest, Lake Tahoe faces threats on the northern front too. Overall, the area is highly susceptible to the growing flames. Currently, the Dixie Fire, which earned itself the title of the second-largest wildfire in California state history, possesses a 500-mile perimeter.

The Weather Channel stated that, reportedly, the Dixie Fire has not claimed any lives. However, it has nonetheless ravaged four CA counties. Additionally, small towns like Greenville and Canyondom were entirely demolished by Dixie. In turn, there is nothing left in its wake but ash. American lives have so far been spared by Dixie. Regardless, however, the outlet stated 873 homes succumbed to the flames since its outbreak.

Additionally, while Caldor sees only 11% containment, firefighters previously had the Dixie Fire contained at 35%. However, following the wildfire’s jump across containment lines, the threat’s now seeing 22% containment.

Wildfire season typically prevails through late spring and mid-fall. However, climate change conditions continue to threaten the extents of what professionals have previously practiced. Further, droughts and hotter weather continue to thrive. We could see more devastating fires, like Caldor and Dixie, in the near future.