Shepherd Wanted: Lamb on the Loose at University of Utah Has Evaded Capture for Four Days

by Jonathan Howard

Looks like there are some cowboys needed out west. The University of Utah is on the look for a lamb on the loose from one of their science labs. Currently, the animal has been on the lam for four days, evading capture. Now, it looks like everyone on campus is being enlisted to wrangle the livestock.

By everyone I mean everyone. Even the Chair of the Communication Department was chasing the lamb around. Over on Twitter Avery Holton posted a photo he snapped of the sheep. It looks more than a little lost out on campus.

This is a tricky situation. Nothing is worse than livestock on the loose. While cattle are bad enough, they are big enough to get in front of and block pathways. However, with a sheep or a goat, they are small enough to dodge most people and quick enough to disappear before your own eyes. Not only that, just when you think you have them, they manage to find a hole to slip through. So, on a big college campus, it makes sense this lamb is able to stay on the loose for so long.

The lamb is on the run from a research laboratory on campus. Maybe it got tired of being poked and prodded all day for different reasons. Perhaps the lamb is just rebelling against authority. Regardless, it is pretty funny to think about professors and others chasing this farm animal around.

Hopefully, the animal is caught safely and nothing bad happens while it roams the streets of the town. There is plenty of wildlife that would like to make a meal of the poor runaway.

Lamb on the Run Smallest of Five

So, what exactly was the lamb doing on campus, to begin with? Well, it was being housed at the James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building. Part of the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City, the animal was supposed to be used in research studying infectious diseases.

Quite a time for an infectious disease research subject to go missing. In the midst of a pandemic, it does seem like pertinent research although the specifics are unknown.

One of the reasons why the lamb was able to escape, it is the smallest of the five subjects picked for the study. The smaller the animal, the more places it can find to escape. It really has been evading officials and everyone else on campus for a number of days now. It is unclear if the lamb will ever be caught. However, university officials feel that they will be able to capture the animal again.

In the days since the lamb went on the run, students have given their new friends a nickname. The “Ewe of U.” Maybe we will see the livestock at the next Utes football game. New unofficial mascot?