Land the Shot: Perfect Crossbow Advice from Pro Dan Schmidt is Guaranteed to Improve Your Next Hunt

by Jon D. B.
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Editor in Chief Dan Schmidt of Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine details the best way to stabilize your crossbow shot with zero extra equipment.

Firstly, that promise only stands true if you have the sling attached to your crossbow of choice. If not, then you may want to do so. Dan Schmidt explains.

“If you’re a crossbow hunter, you can appreciate that it’s not always as easy as the ‘other guys’ say it is shooting a crossbow versus a regular bow,” the pro-hunter begins for Deer and Deer Hunting TV per PursuitUp.

As he notes, “We all know that things can go wrong. And even the slightest flinch can really affect your accuracy – even at the shortest distances.” Schmidt openly admits it’s happened to him “numerous times” in his long hunting career, and he’s far from alone.

Thankfully, those years of experience have led to a super-simple “aid” that greatly stabilizes a crossbow shot and overall accuracy. The fix? “Use the sling!”

‘Deer and Deer Hunting’s Dan Schmidt: Use the Crossbow Sling to Stabilize Your Arm

“We think of a sling as just something you’re carrying your crossbow with,” Dan begins of his method. “But a sling can be very helpful in helping you stabilize yourself and get that shot off. Especially if a deer shows up unexpectedly and it’s right there and you’ve got to make that shot immediately, or stabilize up against something, or set it on a shelf in a blind, or what not.”

The best shot for both bow and crossbow hunting all depends on the situation. Dan Schmidt provides expert insights on how to get the most out of your archery equipment when the moment of truth arrives … and is just yards away from your bootstraps.

Dan Schmidt’s Deer and Deer Hunting TV

What Dan does that he’s found so helpful is super simple: he adjusts the crossbow sling before he’s ready to hunt to make sure it fits around the elbow of his stabilizing arm. This provides incredible support for aiming in a way a loose hold simply can’t – as he demonstrates above.

“I have the sling so it’s taught, and so I can get my elbow in there. Then, with my own pressure, I push my elbow out. Rock solid!” Schmidt offers. He’ll then use his opposite shoulder to “balance off” the crossbow.

The instant you see it in action, you’ll be mad (like this Outsider) you didn’t think of it sooner. It’s a brilliant tip that’ll instantly improve any crossbow hunt – all for no extra cost. And that’s the best kind of advice there’ll ever be.

Ditch the ‘Float’

As Dan says, “You’ll be surprised at how much more stable this is.” Holding up a crossbow without any sort of support often leads to over-squeezing and canting. Doing so typically causes “floating” of the crosshair or pin for even the most sturdy of hunters.

“And when we see that, no matter what kind of weapon you’re using, you know that your accuracy is going to be affected.”

For more from the pro hunter and Editor in Chief, be sure to check out full Deer and Deer Hunting TV episodes over on PursuitUp – available anytime, anywhere.