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Laramy Sasquatch Miller’s ‘The Trail’ Premieres This Week on Outdoors Channel: Everything to Know

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Martin Zwick/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

There’s no better outdoor master to teach us about survival on The Trail than the mountain man himself, Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller.

Laramy first premiered on the Outdoors Channel in 2018 with his debut series, Last of a Breed. Now, he’s back with his new series, The Trail. His new show demonstrates the backcountry skills he has harnessed that help him live off the resources that the area provides.

Here’s the network’s description of the brand new show:

“Laramy Sasquatch Miller sets off on The Trail with his trusty horse 7, to test his survival skills and pay homage to mountain men of the past. Saying goodbye to his family, Laramy and 7 have to battle the elements, build shelter, live off of the land, and survive a 30-day trek through the backcountry. Armed only with his longbow, hatchet and knife, Laramy works to find food, faces wolves, weather, and challenges as he survives The Trail.”

Check out a preview of the show here.

Laramy’s journey on The Trail takes him through some of the most harrowing conditions. This includes freezing weather and low food sources. Somehow, the host will have to muster the courage and the strength to push past these obstacles. Through it all, he manages to provide the sufficient shelter and food he needs with only a handful of tools.

The series is bound to be as exciting as it is informative.

More About the Man Behind ‘The Trail’

When Laramy first appeared on Last of a Breed, we learned that he comes from Indian ancestry and trained beside true masters of the backcountry. Similar to his most recent project, Laramy lived off the land using his longbow and traditional .54-caliber Hawken rifle. However, in this series, he focused on traveling on the routes that the original survivalists. The show took The Trail host all around the country and the world, including the Canadian Rockies and the Midwestern Plains.

Laramy, himself, is a force to be reckoned with. At 6’7″ and 270 lbs., there’s a reason he earned the nickname Sasquatch. The Trail host’s appreciation of the outdoors began when he was just five years old. At the time, his father gave him a .22-caliber rifle. He told the future survivalist that for every prairie dog he brought back, he would earn a nickel. So, the little Sasquatch dutifully ventured out into the wilderness and singlehandedly brought down the local population by a considerable amount.

Outside of his appearances on TV, Laramy spends his time as a guide in the Colorado mountains. His dream is to spread his knowledge of hunting and backcountry survivalism to the world. Now, with The Trail, Laramy will be able to share his passion through new and thrilling adventures.