WATCH: Large Black Bear Takes a Casual Stroll Through a Florida Country Club

by Patrick Norton

If you got a text from a friend that a bear was strolling through the neighborhood, you might wonder why Brian Urlacher is house hunting on your block. That’s not the case down in the great outdoors of Florida where an actual black bear took to the streets in one community.

Typical Father’s Day festivities in Naples, Florida don’t include wild animals, but this year’s celebration was different at The Club at The Strand. A large creature climbed a neighborhood fence before walking up a residential driveway, as shown in the video.

According to local station FOX 13 – Tampa Bay, Elvis Gooden – the club’s general manager – believes the beast is the largest the area has seen. However, the community is not unfamiliar with bears. Gooden mentions “smaller bears have been sighted along with their cubs, playing in the trees.”

It bears repeating that large creatures such as this Floridian live amongst communities, making regular appearances when wandering for food. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission suggests keeping pet food, bird seed and garbage properly stored, and maintaining a safe distance from the animals.

Gorillas, Gators & Bears – Oh My!

While the bear didn’t come into contact with humans along its morning stroll, the nature of the wildlife encounter isn’t particularly surprising considering the recent stretch of confrontations.

Upon entering the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park earlier in the month, a stray dog found itself in a precarious situation: trapped in a gorilla exhibit with two highly curious creatures. With onlookers watching the horrifying excursion, zookeepers distracted the large animals while San Diego Humane Officers rescued the pup on the opposite end of the enclosure.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, the tale of one family canine didn’t include a happy ending. A man was playing fetch with his dog in a Tallahassee park when a nine-foot gator ripped the pet into the water to its demise. The man fought with the reptile, but considering the danger to his own life, backed away, sealing the dog’s fate.