Las Vegas Family Hit With Hefty Fine After Freeing Fox From Trap

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Sergen Sezgin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A Las Vegas family exploring the outdoors freed a fox from a trap in Las Vegas and now the family faces a hefty fine. Indeed, it is actually a misdemeanor in Nevada to go in and actually disturb another person’s trap. Nevada Division of Wildlife Doug Nielsen said, “It is a gross misdemeanor in the state of Nevada to disturb somebody else’s trap.” The fine was around $700. However, the family involved was actually lucky to get off with just the fine. As there was pressure from other trappers about arresting the couple responsible for freeing the fox.

What Happened with Fox Trap Incident

It is a complicated story. For instance, the 12-year-old son Dylan Vaske told KTNV, “I was really proud of my dad.” From the family’s perspective, they saved the animal. They stopped and helped an animal that was trapped and in trouble. However, it was not their trap and it is actually a misdemeanor in Nevada to do so.

However, the father, Bobby, told the news station, “To me, it was like killing that animal myself if I didn’t do something so, whatever the law is, I did what I had to do.” From Vaske’s perspective, they did what they felt was right. If they did not stop then it was as though they were a party to what happened to the gray fox.

He continued, “Not knowing at the time what I was going to do to get this animal out of there without getting hurt, and doing it safely, I drove home and went in my garage, found a broomstick with a hollow tube, got an extension cord, looped it through the end of the tube to make a kind of like a dog catcher noose, and then my wife thought to grab a laundry basket to put over him while I got the trap off of his foot.” Ultimately, they were able to free the fox. However, it came at a high cost. The family was lucky to avoid arrest from the incident.

Mr. Vaske’s Side of The Story

Another layer to the story was how it involved the family’s dogs. Indeed, the family was in the area for a family hike. The dogs spotted the fox and almost stepped in the trap themselves. The family was lucky that neither the dogs nor their children stepped on the traps. Mr. Vaske added, “So we go up there to hike and while we’re at the top, next thing you know it’s kinda crazy, my dogs are into something.” He concluded, “I hear them yelp, same time I look over and I see a fox that’s stuck in a trap by its paw.”

Ultimately, though, game wardens in the area issued two citations totaling $700 for the family. A high price to pay to rescue the fox from the trap in Las Vegas.