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These Wolves Are So Lazy That They Howl While Lying Down on Their Backs, and Now They’ve Gone Viral: Watch

by Jacklyn Krol
lazy wolves howling while laying down
Thomas Bonometti, Unsplash

Its not just humans that can be lazy, wolves can be lazy too. A new viral video is proof that wolves can be some of the laziest animals, they howled while laying down on the ground.

The Lazy Wolves and Their Howls

Who knew that two wolves howling would go viral? The nearly three minute long video has over 3.5 million views. The video begins with the wolves in napping positions when they begin to howl.

Watch the epic moment, below.

Meet the Wolves

“Why get up when you can howl lying down?” the video caption reads. Alawa (nicknamed front and lazy) and Zephyr live at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC). The 5013c non-profit homes the two captive-bred gray wolves in South Salem, New York.

Zephyr and Alawa are two of the three “ambassador wolves” that the WCC uses to educate the public about their species. Alawa, Zephyr, and their other fellow gray wolf, Nikai all have live wolf webcams you can access anytime. The WCC is also home to the endangered Mexican gray wolves and red wolves.

The WCC is home to over thirty wolves, most of which are off-exhibit in hopes to return them back to nature. They participate in the Species Survival Plan and Recovery Plan for their three breeds of wolves. Additionally, they have a 26-acre facility that has 40,000 visitors annually.

“Both species at one time were completely extinct in the wild. Under the aegis of the Endangered Species Act, reintroduction efforts in the past decade have established small, wild populations of about 100 red wolves and 75 Mexican grays,” their website reads.

All About Gray Wolves

The Gray Wolf is currently classified as endangered. They can be found the United States in Michigan, Alaska, Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming. These wolves can survive in a variety of different types of climates and habitats.

Gray Wolves are the largest living wild canine species and are the ancestors of domesticated dogs. They are carnivores and hunt both large and smaller animals in groups. An adult gray wolf can eat up to 20 pounds in one single meal.