Learn How To Turkey Hunt with NWTF’s Official ‘Turkey Hunting 101’ Online Course

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: NWTF press release

Looking to learn how to turkey hunt? Take a look at NWTF‘s official Turley Hunting 101 online course courtesy of Today’s Hunter with Outsider.

Want to learn how to turkey hunt but don’t know where to start? Used to harvesting other species and never stalked wild turkeys in your life? Or simply looking to expand your hunting knowledge? NWTF is now offering their Turkey Hunting 101 course online, and it sounds like a perfect introduction to the hunt.

Hosted by TodaysHunter.com, The Official NWTF Turkey Hunting Course teaches turkey hunting tips and strategies, the best shotgun for hunting turkey, where to hunt these signature North American birds, and a whole lot more.

After attending NWTF 2022 in Nashville, Outsider can attest to the expertise and world-class focus, knowledge, and standards of the federation. Additionally, NWTF was beyond welcoming to new hunters, sharing generational information without a hint of bias. So if you’re willing to give an online course a shot, we’d recommend this as goo a place to start as any available.

It’s natural for any Outsider, however, to be skeptical of learning an outdoors skillset and/or safety online, right? Let’s break down what the course offers to see if it’s for you.

Why Learn to Turkey Hunt with an Online Course?

  • Learn from Real Hunting Professionals: This course was developed by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and is powered by the leading provider of online hunter safety courses for state agencies and consumers in North America. In this course, you will receive the most comprehensive turkey hunting instruction available anywhere!
  • Easy Learning System: Videos and photos are included throughout the course to make information easy to learn and retain.
  • The Fastest Way to Learn How to Turkey Hunt: Easy, self-paced learning wherever you want it. The lessons are engaging, and the course saves your progress wherever you leave off.

Additionally, this turkey hunting course was developed to meet NWTF’s high standards for safe and ethical hunting practices. NWTF has been a conservation stalwart since 1973; working to promote sustainable, high-quality turkey populations, wildlife habitats, and ethical hunting experiences by standing behind science-based conservation and hunter’s rights.

A Sampling of What NWTF’s ‘Turkey Hunting 101’ Online Course Offers:

  • Identifying turkey subspecies
  • Identifying sex and age of wild turkeys
  • Understanding wild turkey behavior
  • Essential gear for turkey hunting
  • Where to hunt wild turkey
  • When and how to use turkey calls
  • How to scout and study turkey tracks
  • How and where to set up decoys for turkey hunting
  • When, where, and how to shoot a wild turkey
  • How to score a gobbler
  • Cleaning your wild turkey

All Outsiders know, too, that the learning curve for turkey hunting – or any hunting – can be steep. If this is a concern, the syllabus for NWTF‘s course looks to do a fine job of catching prospective turkey hunters up to speed on all the tips and tricks they’ll need to know to be successful in the field.

Learn & Save Your Progress Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

The best part? This online course is made to be fully mobile-friendly from start to finish, and is designed to work on personal smartphones, tablets, laptops, or on a traditional desktop computer setting.

For this Outsider, perhaps the biggest perk is the absence of time limits. There’s no rush or deadlines within the course. Complete this course and learn how to turkey hunt 100% at your own pace – whenever and wherever you want.

“The creators of this turkey hunter course work with International Hunter Education Association-USA (IHEA-USA), more than 45 state agencies responsible for hunter safety courses that teach students important laws and regulations, game identification, and safe responsible firearm handling,” Today’s Hunter cites of their course. “You can be confident that you are receiving the most comprehensive turkey hunting education available online.”

Give the study materials a look for free at Today’s Hunter, then see if the $29.99 course is for you. Happy harvesting, Outsiders!