Leopard Messes with Wrong Woman, She Unloads a Can of Whoop Ass with a Walking Stick

by Madison Miller

No matter who or what the intruder is, one woman was beyond prepared to battle it out.

Nirmaladevi Singh, a 55-year-old from Mumbai, India, was quietly and peacefully enjoying some time on her outdoor porch.

From a distance, a leopard started to slowly approach her property. An outdoor camera caught the incredibly, somewhat terrifying, moments that came right after. The beast is walking around, eyes glowing menacingly. The woman has no idea the leopard is approaching until she turns around suddenly and it pounces on her. The force knocks her to the ground, but she leaps right back up again.

At that moment, her fight or flight kicks in. Or, in this case, a whole lot of fight.

The woman is now on the floor and reaches for her walking stick nearby. She uses that to smack the leopard repeatedly, hoping it will cause the animal to flee. Meanwhile, the leopard is viciously clawing at the woman and trying to fend off her attacks.

The fury this woman unleashed on the big cat seemed to do the trick. It starts to back off and the other nearby people come to her aid. All the while, she’s still smacking the beast relentlessly.

Although she managed to survive the attack, Singh isn’t completely unscathed. According to The Sun, she now has several scratch marks across her face, elbow, arm, back, and leg. None of the cuts were severe enough to warrant any major concerns.

Apparently, people in the area should definitely be on the lookout for leopards. The big cats have attacked people in the area twice in the last three days. The local forest department is setting up surveillance cameras and continuing to monitor and control the ongoing issue.

Florida Man Puts Alligator in Trash Can

Meanwhile in Florida, a man is proving he’s got what it takes to be a Florida citizen.

A military veteran named Eugene Bozzi, who has only been living in Florida for a single year, came face to face with the state’s most notorious beast. Similar to the leopard incident, he decided to fight back instead of fleeing. Or, in this case, lock that alligator up in makeshift garbage can jail.

A neighbor had an alligator loitering in its yard and the man came to save the day.

In the viral video, you can see as the alligator and Bozzi are only a few feet away from each other with only a rolling trash can between them. The alligator is very much trying to attack as it has its mouth open and is swaying from left to right.

The Florida man puts the trash can on its side and starts to quickly approach the alligator. He is able to wrestle the alligator safely into the trash can. Bozzi then casually pushes the can to a nearby pond to safely release the gator.

He told CNN that his reasoning for helping control the alligator is that “we need to look out for each other.” He also shared that the gator was more powerful than he was expecting. The man was trying to protect both his neighbors, as well as his children. He did it while also keeping the alligator safe too.