Like Father Like Son: Hunter Teaches Toddler How to Handle Snakes

by Keeli Parkey

The love of the great outdoors – and how to stay safe out there – is often passed on from one hunter to the next generation.

So, when it came time for his son to learn about snakes, Matt Wright did not waste any time beginning the boy’s education. In fact, according to Lad Bible, Wright decided that his son should get some first-hand experience and learn about the creatures while he is still a toddler.

Now, you may think that being around snakes at such a young age is pretty crazy. However, Wright is a specialist in the field. He is known as a famous crocodile hunter and animal enthusiast. He also has the nickname of the “Outback Wrangler.”

The hunter and animal expert recently showcased his son’s snake education on social media. In a video Wright posted to Instagram, his son, Banjo, is holding onto the tail of a pretty large snake. While the youngster – who is wearing a khaki shirt – is pulling the snake, his father is encouraging the toddler in his work.

The ‘Outback Wrangler’ Assists Son in Handling a Large Snake

“Pull him out buddy,” Matt Wright said as Banjo tugged at the snake. When the snake wraps itself around a post, Wright steps in to assist his child. “Oh, no. He’s wrapped up. Hang on. I’ll help you,” Wright also said.

Banjo is a real trooper. Most adults – this Outsider included – wouldn’t go near a snake that large no matter what. He appeared to be taking to his early outdoors training very well – at least at first. As the video begins to wrap up, the young boy successfully pulled the snake off of the porch. It was then that he appeared to notice just what he was doing. He begins to exclaim, “Oh, no. Oh, no,” as he runs over to his father.

The snake didn’t attack the boy or anything like that. It just appeared that he became nervous for one reason or another and he sought the comfort of his father.

Along with the video he posted to Instagram, Matt Wright also posted the caption: “Learning the ropes.” He also tagged his wife, Kaia Wright, in the post. You can watch Banjo and his hunter father at “work” below.

Instagram Users React to Hunter Allowing His Son to Handle a Large Snake

Unsurprisingly, watching a toddler handle such a large snake – well any snake – drew some very strong responses to Matt Wright’s Instagram video. Some people celebrated the education the hunter was giving his son. Others were shocked and appalled.

Some of the supportive comments included, “Banjo! What a legend.” There was also the comment, “Little king.”

“In America they would call child services …” one of the negative comments said. Another comment included the statement: “This child is not old enough to make an accurate assessments (sic) on what snakes are safe and what are not. Heck most adults can’t.”