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Lipsey’s Guns Donates $10K to Mental Health Non-Profit ‘Walk The Talk America’

by Katie Maloney

Leading national firearms distributor, Lipsey’s just donated $10k to promote mental health awareness.

Founded in 1953 as a wholesale hunting and fishing distributor, Lipsey’s has grown to be one of the largest independently owned, single location firearms distributors in the US. And when it comes time to step up and help members of their community, Lipsey’s is more than happy to do so.

Most recently, Lipsey’s donated $10,000 to Walk The Talk America (WTTA), a non-profit organization designed to bridge the gap between the firearms industry and owners and the mental health industry.

The organization announced the donation with a grateful post on Instagram. Along with an image, Walk The Talk America wrote, “We want to thank @lipseysguns for their generous donation to support our mission. It’s important to have the firearms industry behind what we do. This is a proactive approach…started by members of the gun community whose message transcends all walks of life. Created by us, for everyone! We can’t thank Lipsey’s enough for their contribution to a #sociallyconcious2a.”

Lipsey’s Helps WTTA Make Changes In The World

Firearm industry professional, Michael Sodini, founded WTTA three years ago. He participated in a conversation about how firearms companies deal with school shootings, suicides, and gun violence. After the conversation, he realized there was a lot of finger-pointing and blame games. However, no one seemed to know how to unite the firearms industry and mental health advocates and actually help the community. Sodini made it his mission to do so. Since then the organization has worked to bridge the gap between the firearms and mental health worlds. Their efforts include projects to enhance communication, compassion, calls to action, and education.

Lipsey’s has supported WTTA since its start. President and CEO of Lipsey’s, Laurie Aronson, says “Their organization is making positive strides towards closing that bridge in addressing mental health and firearms.”

Sodini says that it’s donations from industry leaders like Lipsey’s that help make change in the world.

“We are very thankful to have the support of large distributors like Lipsey’s join our mission. With every donation, WTTA can provide more tools and resources. Including training instruction, online and downloadable information for individuals, companies, and retailers,” Sodini says. “It is our goal to bring together not only the firearms industry and mental health resources. But to make it available to all firearms owners,” he says.