Live Turkey Watches Turkey in Oven in Controversial Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Kevin Trojanowski via Getty Images)

Most folks want to avoid arguments on Thanksgiving. Sometimes, dodging certain topics while smiling and nodding at others is as much a part of the holiday as the Macy’s parade. However, that doesn’t work all of the time. Every now and then, a joke will rub half the dinner table the wrong way, and all of that peace you’d been trying to keep topples like a Jenga tower. One TikTok user thought they’d share a funny video of their pet turkey watching the holiday bird bake and get huge laughs. To be fair, they succeeded. However, they also received a heaping helping of controversy. Plenty of commenters weren’t happy to see a live turkey watching another turkey roast.

The clip that started it all was only 11 seconds long. The video shows a tom Turkey named Big Red strutting into a kitchen. There, he finds an oven with its door partially open. Inside is a glistening golden brown turkey that looks almost ready to carve. Big red moves in to inspect the oven and its contents, but doesn’t get too close. Then, the person behind the camera assures the tom, “It’s okay, you don’t know him. You don’t know him.”


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TikTok user @Our10Acres, and several of their followers, probably thought the video was hilarious. It’s a nice light holiday joke that everyone could chuckle at and move along. However, that wasn’t the case. Many users were upset about the turkey video and let the original poster know all about it.

“y’all know y’all wrong,” wrote one commenter. Another wanted to know how Our10Acres could cook Big Red’s “…homie in front of him.” Another TikTok user kept their comment as dry as Aunt Gertrude’s turkey. “That’s not even remotely funny,” they said. I guess that’s a matter of taste, really.

Several others chimed in worried that the contents of the video traumatized the poor turkey.

The Video Didn’t Ruffle the Turkey’s Feathers

The short clip garnered over 40 million views, 5.8 million likes, and over 100,000 comments. The original poster took a moment to clarify that Big Red was unbothered after starring in the controversial turkey video. According to Our10Acres, the bird was upset because he wasn’t allowed to eat the baked turkey.

This video shows just how uncaring a turkey can be in the face of Silence of the Lambs-level carnage. If you know anything about turkeys, you won’t be surprised by that. Over the past few years, turkeys have attacked people, smashed through stores, and wrecked homes. So, if Big Red was truly upset by seeing one of his own in the oven, the video would have ended much differently. Then again, maybe the tom just wanted to avoid a tense holiday situation by playing it cool