Living Vehicle Unveils $250,000 RV Model and It Does Pretty Much Everything

by Matthew Memrick

The luxury RV maker Living Vehicle has unveiled a $250,000 2022 model that pretty much does everything, but be prepared to wait a year if you buy your customized one.

According to Business Insider, the Santa Barbara, Calif. company expects excellent sales in 2022 with four different versions. With pandemic-like conditions, company co-founder and CMO Joanna Hofmann said the previous 2021 model sold out a quarter and a half ahead of schedule.

So, the hefty price tag and the four RVs will probably suit customers who want Hofmann’s company to build them one. These customers want to camp, have a second house, or live off the grid.

Making Due With Size, Power

This RV is like a tiny house. CNBC said that while many tiny houses average under 600 square feet, the average U.S. tiny house comes in around 225 square feet.

The Living Vehicle’s new 2022 model is about 232 square feet of space, including the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and living room. There’s 228 cubic feet worth of storage.

The company has already taken steps to improve on its 2021 model. The 2022 model is a refreshed off-grid, four-season capable trailer with upgraded power options. The model comes with new or updated energy, solar, and energy storage systems.

Think solar panels galore. The trailer can charge electric vehicles and even comes with an option that if there’s adequate sunlight, the trailer could “sustain power indefinitely.” 

The new trailer has four models based on energy capabilities: the Core, Max, Pro, and Pro-EV.

What Do You Get?

The RV’s kitchen has an island, a refrigerator, a three-burner stovetop, and a microwave. You could move the island to the trailer deck or even outside for cooking out. 

How’s that? Well, the island can automatically be moved outside across the kitchen through a sliding glass door. Inside, folks eat in the lounge next to the kitchen.

That space is an extra bedroom with a convertible queen bed. There’s a 42-inch TV next to the living room for dinner and a movie.

The RV’s bathroom has a skylight-equipped rainfall shower and a toilet with an optional bidet. Go past the bathroom, and you get a bedroom with a memory foam queen bed, a skylight, a dresser, and nightstands.

The trailer can sleep up to four with the bedroom (with a 70-inch screen and speakers) and convertible room. Or, if you want to work, the bed can fold into the wall for a cozy two-seat office. 

Washer and dryer, dishwasher, extra sleeping loft, and oven are optional. 

Sales Booming

Already, Hofmann said her company already filled 20 percent of the upcoming trailer’s production slot. That came during the pre-release of the trailer.

Call it a pandemic rush, but Living Vehicle officials saw a boost in RV demand in 2021. They say the new model will sell out faster than the 2021 one.

Go cheap? OK, the $249,995 model comes with 1,320 watts of solar, 14.4 kilowatt-hours of energy storage, and a five-kilowatt inverter. A recent lottery winner would want the $429,995 Pro-EV has 3,520 watts of solar, 57.6 kilowatt-hours of energy storage, and a 20-kilowatt inverter, among other upgrades. And the Hoffmans say that the Pro-EV is pretty popular too.