Llama Breaks Free Just Hours After First Escape

by Shelby Scott

We’ve all heard llamas have a strange spitting habit, however, it appears one North Carolina llama simply spits on captivity. While captive llamas are no strange sight, a free range llama on the streets of NC is definitely abnormal. Even more abnormal? The hooded creature escaped not once, but twice, within hours of the first jailbreak.

The incident, reported to NC’s High Point police department took place some time last week. Several locals called in to report the roaming llama. However, no one knew where it came from or how long it had been loose.

Some other roaming creatures have proven hard to wrangle, such as one Arizona cow late last month. However, reports claim it took the police department little time to trap the creature.

Further, the llama seemingly had no qualms about being caught. Locals attracted the llama with apples and managed to keep him in one place. Once officers arrived, they were able to snag the tricky beast and load him onto a trailer. They then relocated him to a local rescue farm.

Not long after, though, the llama was loose again and no one has seen him since.

So, if any of you Outsiders live around High Point, NC and you happen to see a free range llama, be sure to contact the High Point Police Department. They’ve been lucky enough to follow this troublesome llama and his case.

Arizona Cow Escapes Home, Takes Late Night Stroll

Remember that cow I mentioned before? He was about as troublesome as this sneaky llama. While the incident took place earlier last week and we haven’t heard further news about more recent bovine escapes, the AZ cow proved a lot harder to catch than our NC llama.

Local residents in Glendale, AZ first reported the roaming creature during the early hours of an October Saturday morning. While the cow wasn’t acting destructively, locals were concerned about the cow’s safety. You can check out the clip here, however, be prepared to watch several minutes of a less-than-hot bovine pursuit.

In the video, several officers try to round up the escaped cow, though the stubborn animal was having none of it. Eventually, officers resort to chasing the large livestock, however, those versed in cow behavior know these creatures don’t typically like to be chased. After all, many of them are prey.

Regardless, the escaped animal gives the law enforcement officers quite the run for their money. Although the cow barely breaks more than a trot.

The most humorous part of the video comes when one officer asks a local in the area if the escaped fugitive belongs to her. Unsurprisingly, the woman comically responds with a firm no, though she does appear amused to have caught sight of the lukewarm pursuit.