Loose Cow Plows Over Motorcyclist in Bizarre Video

by Courtney Blackann

There have been several strange animal-human encounters throughout the year. Escaping animals seem to have no wherewithal when it comes to making a run for it. This is the case when a man is trampled by a rogue cow in a bizarre video.

The incident takes place in Brazil. The moment happens when a large cow runs from a side pasture onto a busy road and seemingly goes straight for a man on a motorcycle. The animal dips its head down and runs into the man, causing him to fall off his motorized bike.

The person recording from inside their car captured the entire collision and had this to say:

“I was in the street, inside the vehicle, waiting for a friend, when suddenly a cow passed and two men running after her, I took the cell phone and started recording, then she came running back from a terrain where she had entered and ended up colliding with the motorcyclist.”

The video doesn’t show much more, but the cow then runs off. It’s unclear whether the cow was being kept somewhere nearby and just escaped or what happened. Whatever the case, we hope the man – and his motorcycle – are okay!

Take a look at the strange incident below.

Elk Attacks Man in Car After Being Provoked

There’s never a right time to provoke an animal. Especially a several-hundred-pound rutting elk. This happened though when a person was ‘taunting’ a large bull elk from their car. The elk then defended its herd and attempted to head-butt the person inside their vehicle.

The incident was also captured on video. A white SUV was rolling by when the person decided to provoke the animal. It then charged and went straight for the car, knocking into the driver’s side and swiping the car with its antlers.

According to the caption on the footage, “The passenger of the vehicle, attacked in the video, started taunting the elk prior to the video starting.” If you’re going to be bold enough to mess with an animal equipped with the skills to kill, you better be prepared to take the blow.

Nearby there was a herd of female elk and the male was defending his territory no doubt. If there’s anything we can learn from this, it’s that you don’t mess with wild animals. And you definitely don’t mess with them when they’re at peak mating season.

While we’re sure the moment was terrifying for the person inside the car, they definitely learned a lesson. However, no one was hurt in the collision and the bull elk and his herd went on their way.