A Lot to Swallow: Massive Alligator Chows Down on Huge Python

by Quentin Blount

This one will be right up your alley, Outsiders. A massive alligator in Florida was caught on camera eating a giant python.

It sounds like a classic, “Only in Florida,” story, right? Well, it kind of is one of those. Photos are circulating on social media of a hungry alligator that was caught snacking on a giant python. Evidently, a man named Joel Jordan is being credited for snapping the first pics.

You can check out the photos for yourself by visiting the Explore Big Cypress Facebook page.

“Gator eating python,” the agency begins the post. “Joel Jordan was at the right place at the right time as he puts it. He was exploring Shark Valley of the Everglades National Park when he witnessed this bizarre encounter with an alligator eating a very large python. Thank you for the photo share Joel! And thank you even more for your love and support of this incredible wetland ecosystem.”

Pythons Cause Havoc in South Florida

For those at home who don’t know, pythons are not a welcome species in the Everglades. As a matter of fact, large snakes have been the reason for a lot of havoc in the South Florida ecosystem. Burmese pythons, in particular, are an invasive species that made their way into South Florida thanks to the exotic pet trade.

The South Florida Wildlands Association commented on the photos with their own post.

“This generally doesn’t happen. For a gator to eat prey this big he/she has to tear it into bite-sized pieces — and a python doesn’t tear easily. Often the gator is hopelessly wrapped up by the python and in the process of being swallowed before it even knew what happened,” the association wrote. “We’re hoping that our native Florida gators have learned a trick or two and will become a first line of defense against this extremely destructive invasive.”

According to the National Park Service, the area where the photos were taken is right in the very heart of the Everglades freshwater marsh. The area is called Shark Valley.

People on Facebook Respond to Wild Alligator Footage

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a message. They have been calling for the snakes to “be humanely killed” for some time now. Because they can grow to be so big — up to 20 feet in length — it’s easy for them to eat the smaller, native species to the area.

So, as you can probably imagine, people on Facebook are actually cheering for the alligator after seeing the photos.

“I think the gator population has had enough harassment from the exotic intruders,” one person said.

“Food chain…the way God created it,” commented another user.

“Score one for the gators. I enjoyed seeing this,” replied a third follower. “I wish all the pythons were served up for alligator lunch.”