Louisiana Cop Caught Hunting From His Squad Car With a Felon

by Matthew Memrick

Louisiana authorities caught four men in an illegal deer hunt. One was a felon. Another was a part-time cop who used his squad car.

I mean, how bad is it that you’re a cop, you go hunting on a Sunday night, and one of your buddies had a felony rap. You’d hope that the guy didn’t have his police officer uniform on, too.

Coushatta Police Chief Kevin Stafford soon suspended 28-year-old part-time officer Javarrea Pouncy.

Coushatta is a four-hour, 30-minute drive northwest of New Orleans. Jalopnik reported on the incident.

Bad Sunday Night Hunt Netted Two Deer

According to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officials, Pouncy was one of four men found illegally hunting late on Sunday evening.

Officials heard gunshots in an open field on private property and stumbled across a vehicle shining its lights for deer. Louisiana radio station BDC reported that Cpl. Justin Greer and others went to where they heard the gunfire. The men parked their truck, turned off the lights, and immediately heard gunshots 100-150 yards from their location. 

The men, a group of seven law enforcement officers, also could hear “people talking and coming through the woods toward them.” How is everyone still alive?

When agents checked, they saw the men in a police car with three rifles and two deer. Soon after, agents arrested Cederick Thomas, 36; Anthony B. Caldwell, 31; Adam J. Caldwell, 30; and Pouncy. The men faced two charges of deer hunting during illegal hours, hunting from a moving vehicle, and trespassing. Additionally, convicted felon Anthony Caldwell had a firearm.

Notably, according to Newsweek, Anthony Caldwell and Pouncy did not have hunting licenses.

Jail, Fines A-Plenty For The Men?

All of the men could be fined and get jail time. Some fines include a $950 fine for violating hunting hours and 120 days in jail, $500 and 90 days for moving vehicle hunting, and trespassing ($500 fine, 30 days in jail). Oh, and not having the proper hunting licenses, in this case, could result in a $50 fine.

As for convicted felon Anthony Caldwell, the man could get five to 20 years in jail and a maximum $5,000 fine for that firearm no-no. The man had a previous conviction for possession of a firearm. In this case, his trespassing charge comes with a $500 fine and 30 days in the clink.

Oh, the foursome will have to pay for their bagged deer.

The news release said Anthony Caldwell might also face civil restitution totaling $2,033 for the buck’s value. One of the other men could face a $1,6244 fine for another deer.

According to Newsweek, Pouncy did not respond to a text message for comment. A number listed for Anthony Caldwell in an online directory is no longer in service