Louisiana Hunter Bags Monster Buck From Back Porch

by Victoria Santiago

A hunter in Concordia Parish, Louisiana has managed to bag an impressive buck right from his own yard. The deer weighed 270 pounds and had 17 points. The hunter originally decided to hunt on his own property after hunting leases along the Mississippi River were too expensive. The delta area of the river in Louisiana is known for the whitetail deer that live there.

Ross Wigginton, 25, set out trail cameras and deer corn around his property near the river. Before long, his camera was picking up deer coming into his yard at night. Specifically, he would see a big buck in the pictures, and a few does scattered around.

In mid-November, before daybreak, Wigginton woke up and got ready to hunt some deer. He set up a chair outside on his porch and waited. He wasn’t really expecting to see a buck come into the yard but was at least hoping a doe or two would come along. Wigginton talked to Louisiana Sportsman about his backyard hunting. “At first, a doe stepped out and I could make her out even though it wasn’t daylight yet. I watched her eat and then she walked off. I didn’t shoot because it was not legal shooting time yet,” he said.

Lucky Shot for an Unlucky Buck

After the doe left, he heard more deer walk through his yard. At the perfect time, three bucks walked onto his property and began to feed. As daylight flooded his yard, the deer turned to leave. Not the biggest one, though. Right as his opportunity was about to leave his yard, the biggest buck turned broadside to him. He was 40 yards away. Wigginton couldn’t believe his luck. He took the shot.

“When I shot, he kicked up real good so I knew I had made a good shot,” Wigginton said. He gave the deer a couple of minutes before he began walking over. When he got to the area that he shot the deer in, he didn’t see much blood. He was worried that he had misjudged his shot and that he would never see the deer again. Thankfully, he kept walking and saw the dead deer a mere 70 yards away. Wiggington immediately went to wake up his wife so they could celebrate the kill. Then, he backed up his pickup truck to collect the dead buck. When talking to Louisiana Sportsman, Wigginton said he was just happy that his wife didn’t come to bring him coffee while he was waiting on the deer. Things might’ve gone differently if that happened!

The deer was measured by Simmons Sporting Goods for a store contest they were running. The deer measured 189 7/8 inches as a non-typical. It had 24 inch main beams, five-inch bases, and a spread of 19 3/8-inches.