Louisiana Man Rescues Boy From Alligator-Infested Waters After Hearing Cries for Help

by Victoria Santiago

In a quick act of selflessness, a Louisiana man rescues a 5-year-old boy from an alligator-infested canal. The boy had apparently fallen in and was crying for help.

Faniel Duplantier spent his weekend watching alligators in the canal. It’s a good thing he was there when the incident happened. He had heard the boy’s cries for help and knew he had to do something. He immediately came to the rescue.

Thankfully, his rescue attempt was successful.

Louisiana Man Rescues Boy and Calls Fire Department For Help

After pulling the 5-year-old child out of the water, a call was made to the local fire department. The man had gotten the boy out of the dangerous water. But he still needed help to get back across the gator-infested canal. Fortunately, rescue crews from the fire department were there to help with that.

“Today the Westwego Vol. Fire Department responded to a rescue at the Westwego Canal. A 5-year-old boy fell into canal near the pumping station and was rescued from the water by Daniel Duplantier who was near the canal watching alligators when he heard the boy yelling for help,” the fire department explained. “Westwego Fire – Police & EMS helped to get the boy back across the canal to safety where he was treated by EMS.”

Of course, the fire department couldn’t write about a dangerous interaction with gators without giving residents an important reminder. “Spring is upon us and Summer is near, keep a close eye on children around waterways and swimming pools,” they added.

Florida Gator Kills Pet On College Campus

As the weather starts warming up, gators become more active. They’re on the lookout for an easy meal. Keeping an eye on any bodies of water near you is the best way to stay safe.

Recently, a gator in Florida made off with someone’s pet. A 50-pound pit bull was attacked and killed by a gator at the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota in Venice campus. Of course, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called. By the time officers arrived on the scene, it was too late.

A nuisance alligator trapper was also at the scene of the attack, though. It might have been too late for the poor dog, but the gator was removed from the area. In fact, the trapper removed two gators from the area surrounding the college campus. One of the gators measured almost 7 feet, and the other measured almost 8 feet.

To keep pets (and kids) safe, we have to watch them while they’re near or in bodies of water. It also helps to keep pets on short leashes so that they’ll stay near you. It’s even better to just keep them away from the water. Even freshwater swimming areas could be potentially dangerous.