Louisiana Teenagers Become First All-Girl Team To Win State Fishing Championship

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Two Louisiana teens made history this month by becoming the first all-girl team to win a high school fishing state championship in the U.S.

At a Glance

  • This month, two LA teens became the first all-girl team to ever win a state fishing championship.
  • After striking out at their first tournament of the year, they caught almost 40 lbs of bass and beat out over 100 teams.
  • The girls went on to win another championship last weekend.

Two Girls Bag Over 30 Pounds of Bass

Eighth-grader Alexis Virgillito and freshman Taylor Bacot didn’t begin the journey with much success, though. During their first tournament of the season, they didn’t reel in a single catch. So they decided they’d be happy with just one catch at the championship meet.

“They zeroed at Toledo Bend, which is the very first tournament of the year,” Alexis’s dad Brad Virgillito told Southern Living. “We set a goal for Caddo, for the state championship, to just bring a fish across the scales and not zero.”

But they proved that hard work and determination win in the end, literally, when they caught not one but five big ones weighing a total of 25 lbs within the first half-hour of the tournament. And then, the fish just kept biting.

The rules say teams can only keep five fish. And as the girls brought more in, they swapped out the smaller prizes for the more massive catches. By the end of the day, they recorded 30.3 lbs. of bass and proved that girls can do everything that boys can do, but better.

After outscoring 108 other teams, Alexis and Taylor became the first all-girls team to win a North Louisiana High School state fishing tournament and the first to win an American TBF (Bass Federation). 

“I told them, ‘If y’all don’ win today, I don’t know when y’all are going to win,” Brad continued.” But y’all did something that most grown men will never accomplish in a tournament in their life.”

Louisiana All-Girls Fishing Team Keeps the Streak Going with Another Championship Win

After writing their names in the history books, the young fisherwomen headed off to compete at the North Louisiana High School Fishing League tournament on March 26. And the winning streak continued when they brought in three fish that weighed a total of 17.1 lbs.

Alexis also caught the overall Big Bass win after bringing in nearly 10-pound bass.

Now the girls are looking to make more waves when they compete at Lake Pickwick in Florence, Alabama, on June 22-25. And their newfound confidence may help them three-peat.

“The girls’ goal every tournament is just don’t zero,” said Brad. “But we always tell the girls, ‘A lot of people might beat your records, but there’s no one that’s going to take away the title of being the first to ever do it.'”