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Maine Hunter Returns Wedding Ring to Fellow Hunter Who Lost It Eight Years Prior

by Jennifer Shea
Waltraud Grubitzsch/picture alliance

A hunter in Maine found a fellow hunter’s wedding ring eight years after he lost it and returned it to its rightful owner.

Shawn Howard had gone hunting in Brighton with a friend eight years ago, UPI reported. At some point during that hunting trip, his wedding ring dropped off his finger.

Howard had basically given the ring up for lost. Then he came across a Facebook post from Paul Hutchinson on the Maine Moose Hunting page last weekend.

“Does anyone know of anyone who lost a wedding ring in unit 17 in the vicinity of Iron Gate Rd,” Hutchinson posted. “It’s inscribed.”

The ring is a bit beaten up. But its inscription – 10-20-01, the Howards’ wedding date – is still visible. And it still fits Howard’s finger.

”To actually take the time to put it on social media and say here’s this ring,” Howard told WABI-TV. “Does it belong to anybody and then to take the time while he’s moose hunting to stop and meet up with me so I can get it from him? That’s very kind of him. It is a wedding ring. It certainly is something that you treasure and it’s nice to have it back.”

The ringless hunter got his ring back in time to celebrate his 19th wedding anniversary on Tuesday with his wife Theresa.

“I was in tears when I found out,” Theresa told WABI-TV. “I was just grateful that he found it. Then he took the time which was awesome. I was kinda hoping he’d get a moose as a little reward for him.”