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Maine Landlord Finds 19 Tarantulas and a Python Left Behind By Previous Tenant

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by: Ferdi Awed/INA Photo Agency/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It is much, much worse than it sounds. Imagine entering an apartment only to find you’re surrounded by more than a dozen spiders. And not just any spiders. But giant tarantulas. Nineteen of them. If that’s not enough, there’s also a python involved.

However, it’s not the fault of the helpless creatures. A Maine resident left behind the poor python and tarantulas in an apartment building. Four of the tarantulas were dead by the time anyone found them, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

The python didn’t have any water and they were all in quite the predicament. The landlord jumped into action, however, and brought the living animals to help.

The python and spiders were each relocated in time to save them. Each of the animals are illegal to have in Maine, authorities said. It’s unclear if the landlord is attempting to reach the tenant or not.

Hopefully, they’ve gone on to improved and open spaces.

Snakes Found Where They Don’t Belong

While the python left alone in a Maine apartment couldn’t help its situation, another snake was found where it didn’t belong in a video that went viral this summer.

After an angler caught a boatload of catfish, he proceeded to filet them. That’s when he got the surprise of his life. Inside one of the catfish, a poisonous cottonmouth burst from its stomach in a horror-movie epic display.

“Ok. So Brandon Price goes fishing early this morning and I go out to video him fileting his biggest catch today,” begins Kari Mills Price on Facebook. “I had already remarked to him that I thought the fish was pregnant because it’s stomach was huge. Quite a surprise when we realized it indeed was not pregnant!” she exclaims.

The scene is a bit disturbing – with an added squeamish effect because the snake is still alive. How the catfish gulped up the poisonous snake is anyone’s guess. But catfish are known for eating everything and anything.

“You know when I glimpsed at this earlier, I thought it looked like a snake but thought he kept prepping it so it must be his insides. OH. My. Word!!!” comments Anita A. on Facebook. “I would have been just like you! Screaming! So disgusting! Nope! It would something besides that fish for me for dinner!”

Another social media user couldn’t bear the sight. Commenting on the post in disbelief, the user said:

“Oh my word. I can’t even… ugh. I had to watch a couple of times to realize you guys didn’t plant that snake there. How in the world did that fish eat that snake?” Susan H. replies.