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Maine Woman Spots Group of Rare Lynx Crossing Road During Nor’easter

by Quentin Blount
Canadian Lynx (Photo by John Portlin via Getty Images

Talk about a cool sight to see. One lucky woman up in Maine spotted a group of rare lynx crossing the road during the nor’easter.

That’s right, Outsiders! Most of the humans in the northeast have been digging themselves out of a blizzard. All the while, a group of rare animals made their way out of the woods. What rare animal you may ask? Well, that would be the lynx.

The unlikely encounter happened near Amity, Maine, a tiny town of just over 200 people on the Canada-United States border. Just as a nor’easter was moving into the region on Saturday, January 29, Dianna Goodall-Nelson said that she saw the incredible felines. She said that she and her boyfriend, Reggie McGary, were driving to town when it happened.

“The two crossed in front of us, but the 3rd hesitated and didn’t make it in time,” she told Storyful. “We sat there for about 10 minutes watching them. The two on the right appeared very concerned about the 3rd not being with them. Eventually, it crossed to the other side and they continued into the trees.”

Lucky enough for all of us outdoors lovers, the entire moment was captured on video. Check out the awesome footage down below:

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the Canada lynx is threatened and is considered a “state species of special concern.”

Most of Maine Covered by a Foot of Snow or More

If you don’t live in the northeast or anywhere on the Atlantic coast, you may be wondering what the term “nor’easter” means. For those of you who do live there or have in the past, you probably know the term all too well.

The National Weather Service’s definition of a nor’easter is “A storm along the East Coast of North America.” Simple enough, right? The name derives from the fact that the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast. Saturday’s nor’easter brought more than a foot of snow across most of the entire state of Maine.

All too often, nor’easters are pretty intense, and they usually always bring a lot of snowfall wherever they hit. With that said, do you live in an area that is threatened by nor’easters? If you do, it’s a good idea to have a plan of action. Take some steps to prepare before the storm hits. Steps include stocking up on food, water, and other necessary provisions. There’s also a chance it could cut power and leave you in the dark, so also make sure you’re prepared for that possibility.