Man Bathing Albino Alligator Goes Viral on TikTok: VIDEO

by Michael Freeman
(Photo credit should read Francisco Hidalgo/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Though the outdoors has plenty of dangers, even the most fearsome creatures have their moments of being adorable. A baby albino alligator happens to fall into that category thanks to a viral video. In it, the gator gives a cute grin as it enjoys its bath time.

Jay Brewer (@jayprehistoricpets) shared the video on TikTok on March 10 of the wholesome display. After watching the video, it’s easy to see why he has more than 17 million followers. In it, we’re treated to the baby alligator, appropriately named Coconut, having a relaxing back scratch during her bath.

@jayprehistoricpets Coconut has to get a bath every once in a while to stay all pretty! 🐊 #nature #animals #animalsoftiktok #reptiles #alligator #crocodile ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

“We’re going to take a little water,” Brewer says at the start of the video. “And we’re going to give Coconut a little back scratch.” After pouring the water onto her back and beginning to scrub, Coconut immediately closes her eyes and flashes a huge grin. “Look at that, all that green needs to come off of you, Coconut,” Brewer jokingly continues as he scrubs her back.

Alligator Adventure, a zoo in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, states albino alligators look that way because they can’t produce any melanin in their skin. “This genetic defect gives their skin a yellowish-white appearance and the eyes generally cast a pinkish hue due to the visible blood vessels in the colorless irises.” Unfortunately, this makes them easy targets in the wild. Additionally, they are more sensitive to sunlight and it can easily burn their skin.

Alligator Interrupts Florida High School Swim Meet When Found in Their Pool

Coconut isn’t the only alligator making the rounds online lately, though this story is for a slightly less sunny reason. A Florida high school had to call off their swim meet after finding a gator in their pool.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office detailed the incident on Facebook on March 11. Montverde Academy called the department regarding a 3-foot alligator they found in the pool. DFC Faust and Deputy Brownsberger responded to the scene and thanks to some quick-thinking, managed to snag the curious critter.

Brownsberger used a safety hook to bring it to the edge of the pool where Faust reached down and grabbed the alligator. After securing its mouth with electric tape, they temporarily detained it before transporting it to Lake Apopka. Shortly after, the gator was released.

No one was injured during the encounter, though it’s a bit disappointing it doesn’t look like the alligator made the swim team.