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Man Builds Massive Christmas Tree Out of Deer Antlers

by Jennifer Shea
(Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)

A Warren, Arkansas man has constructed a Christmas tree made entirely of deer antlers, in what he says was a project inspired by his wife.

Jeff Jester told Fox News that his wife Meggan had said they should get something different from the fake tree they usually set up this time of year. And that got Jester thinking. 

Tree of Antlers Not What Wife Had in Mind

His wife had in mind a live tree. But Jester had a trove of deer antler sheds stored up just sitting around. 

“I’ve had them put away in bins in my shop for several years,” Jester told Fox News.

Of the two of them, Meggan is usually “the creative one,” Jester said. But this time, it was his turn to undertake an arts and crafts project.

“She’s always wanted me to do something with those antlers,” he added. “So I washed them off, laid them out from large to small and went to work putting them together.”

Jester’s Idea Catches On

He asked his wife to help him assemble them. It took a little while, but soon she came to share in his vision.

“We probably put about 15, 16 hours of work in the tree, and once it started coming together, she could actually see it,” Jester said. “She got excited about it — we both got excited about it.”

By the time the tree of antlers was put together, Meggan had forgotten all about the live tree.

They posted a picture of their tree on Facebook. Jester is now fielding requests for custom Christmas decorations.

“We had gotten a lot of requests to build these trees for other people, and so now we’re looking into it,” he told Fox News. 

Jester added that this will likely be the last Christmas tree the two of them ever have.

“I don’t plan on ever taking it down,” he said.