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Man, Daughter, and his Dog Rescued After Being Trapped in Ravine for Two Days

by Matthew Wilson
Man Daughter Dog Rescued After Being Trapped Ravine Two Days
Photo credit: Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

A father and his young daughter experienced a harrowing ordeal. They, along with their dog, became trapped in a ravine. They managed to survive for more than two days without supplies.

Peter, Munro, 37, and his daughter, Leila, went camping at Kinzel Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Munro’s wife, Camille, arrived to the campsite Tuesday evening (Sept. 1), but neither her husband nor daughter were there. She figured her family had went on a hike on one of the nearby trails, but no one returned.

Worried, she began searching and found their truck near a trailhead on Wednesday morning. The truck still had the keys in the ignition and her daughter’s stuffed animals inside. Camille called emergency services and reported her family missing.  

A rescue party found the lost hikers trapped in a nearby ravine.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spearheaded a search-and-rescue effort. They received help from other rescue teams including the Air National Guard. More than 50 people contributed to the rescue effort. Search teams combed through the remote terrain overnight looking for Munroe and his daughter.

Rescue teams found the two lost hikers and their dog Buck on Thursday morning. They had become trapped in a ravine, about 1,200 feet below. Munroe had injured himself and was unable to walk. Rescuers strapped him into a basket and carried him up to emergency responders, who took him to the hospital.

His daughter Leila and the family’s pet reunited with a very worried but relieved Camille.

Humans are capable of extraordinary feats of survival. A man recently survived four days trapped underneath a tree. Jonathan Ceplecha had been cutting trees down on his property when a large oak fell on top of him. He survived by eating nearby bugs and plants and drinking sweat and rain water.

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