Man Discovers Mountain Lion Devouring Elk on His Back Porch: VIDEO

by Clayton Edwards

One of the best parts about living in a rural area is seeing the splendor of Mother Nature right outside your door. On good days, rural residents can start their day by watching wildlife from the comfort of their homes. One Colorado man recently learned that seeing wildlife up close and personal can be terrifying when he found a mountain lion on his porch.

Charles Zelenka has lived in the same house in Glenwood Springs, Colorado for 17 years, according to Outdoor Life. Since making his home there, Zelenka has gotten used to seeing a variety of animals on his half-acre lawn. Bighorn sheep, moose, elk, deer, and a few bears are regular visitors. So, when he woke up to a banging noise at 2 am he didn’t think much of it. He just assumed that bears were trying to break into his trash cans again. He never thought he’d catch a mountain lion having a late-night snack on his porch.

Finding the Mountain Lion on His Porch

After hearing the noise, Zelenka got out of bed to look out his bathroom window. However, he couldn’t see anything. At the same time, his trusty dog Sunny was snoozing on the bed. So, he shrugged off the noise and went back to bed. Before long, he heard more noise.

At that point, Zelenka says, he thought to himself, “Alright, I have to check this out,” so he did. The homeowner went downstairs, switched on his outdoor lights, and looked out the window. First, he saw the elk. “I was like ‘Holy crap, there’s an elk on my front porch.’ I could see it kicking its front legs.” That explained the noise. Still, he couldn’t figure out how the elk ended up there. He moved to another window to get a better look. Then, Zelenka noticed the mountain lion on his porch.

Zelenka said he was about to step out on his porch when “a mountain lion popped up from underneath” the elk. At that point, he grabbed his phone and started recording the video above. In the video, we see the confused cougar staring at the bleary-eyed homeowner. It hisses a couple of times before it pads away into the brush, leaving bloody footprints in the snow.

The next morning, Zelenka stepped outside to investigate. The dead elk was still on his porch but the mountain lion hadn’t returned. His yard bore the evidence of an epic battle. The animals had even managed to knock a hole in the siding on his house.

Overall, Zelenka said, “You just don’t see that every day. It was all in the timing, too. It was a rush.”

Lately, though, seeing the mountain lion in his yard and on his porch is becoming more common. Since the incident took place on January 4, his security cameras have captured the big cat several times.