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Man Exploring Cave Happens Upon Sleeping Bear

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by: Eye Ubiquitous/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Exploring caves is a great way to uncover so many different things, like ancient rocks or drawings. But a sleeping bear? C’mon man.

One man decided he would take a little trip down a cave near Oroville, Calif. He had his light and video camera on for the entire trip, which showcased a number of different stops in the cave.

Yet it was when he took a look down a path and noticed a sleeping bear that his interest piqued. So did his heartbeat as well.

Man Doesn’t Let Sleeping Bear Lie…Sort Of

About 4 minutes, 15 seconds into this man’s cave journey, he quietly says, “A bear. Can you see it?” He then zooms his camera in a little more and more until he could see the bear a bit better. The cave dweller kept rolling with the video until he felt like it was time to go.

The bear doesn’t chase the cave dweller at all. The man, though, is definitely glad to get out of the cave. Once he leaves its fly-filled, cold-temperature environment, he turns the camera on himself and pats his heart.

“I knew it, I knew it,” he says panting. “I knew there would be something in there sleeping. So many tracks around here and there was just a musky smell when I went in there. Just this musk and it looked like a brown rock at first and I hope it shows up on camera (which it did). There’s no way I am getting any f–king closer to it.”

Brown Bears Fight Over Whale’s Carcass In Alaska

While that bear wasn’t getting up and moving toward the cave dweller, brown bears in Alaska had some fighting on their minds.

The intense footage of two male Alaskan brown bears offers a rare glimpse at how powerful these giants of nature can be – only before escalating to a three-bear brawl.

Fellow Outsiders at Expedition Alaska have some remarkable footage to share – and that’s an understatement. The Alaskan wilderness team’s video has amassed well over 1 million views, and it’s all due to its subject matter: two enormous male brown bears duking it out.

Humans have long been fascinated with bears of all kinds: their sheer size, power, ferocity, and beauty captivating us for millennia.

As such, it’s no surprise – come the onset of the Age of Information – that they should become the subject of some of our most-watched content. And after watching the footage for yourself, it’s easy to see why other wildlife enthusiasts are quickly circulating the sparring match online.

H/T: K2Radio.com