Man Who Finds 3-Year-Old Boy Who Vanished in Woods for Three Days Speaks Out

by Matthew Memrick

A man who found a missing 3-year-old Texas boy spoke out about the child’s disappearance in the woods recently.

The naked boy chased a dog into the woods, and rescuers looked for the boy for three days. Experts say his age made him less fearful and helped him survive the ordeal. 

Jim Halfin found the boy five miles from his home last Wednesday in the woods. Initially, he gave an anonymous interview but has come forward to share more details about the rescue.

According to The Daily Mail, the boy got treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands, and the hospital released him on Monday. 

Local law enforcement, firefighters, and other search participants were part of a make-shift parade for the boy. 

Act of Divine Intervention

Halfin told Good Morning America on Monday that the rescue was a miracle

“God laid it on my heart to go look, to reunite that boy with his mom,” the Good Samaritan explained.

Halfin said the talkative boy was not shaking or nervous, saying maybe the boy sensed his rescue.

The man said he found the boy on Saturday before noon. Halfin added that he only just heard about the boy’s disappearance while at a Bible study.

In searching his property, he came upon the naked, missing boy. The boy was crying, and the man took him into his arms and called the authorities. Soon after, mother and child were reunited. 

Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell noted that Ramirez was “dehydrated, hungry and ‘wanted a Coke.'” 

Young Children Need Water

Though many do not know how Christopher Ramirez survived, the warm weather may have helped. Experts said the three-year-old boy’s age may also have helped. Texas Survival School expert Ray McKee noted that older children aged 7 to 12 are often not as fortunate.

‘They worry less about (if) the water looks bad or smells bad or maybe bugs are over in the log I am huddling by to stay out of the wind,” McKee said.

McKee also said older children process things more and tend to think about the dangers of their surroundings.

Another expert, Hilary Fairbrother, added to McKee’s statement.

The associated professor of emergency medicine at UTHealth Houston said adults could survive without water for a couple of days, but children had less time to go without it.

As for food, Fairbrother said, “children can pretty easily survive without food for a week, especially if they don’t have medical problems.”

Hundreds searched the boy day and night. The sheriff said many didn’t eat or sleep knowing the boy’s situation. 

Relief For Missing Boy’s Rescue

Good Morning America producers got wind of a police radio call after the boy’s appearance. Many were happy the story had a good ending.

“The child was found alive. He is alive. He’s thirsty. He is with his mother and going to the hospital,” an officer said.

A dispatcher responded, “Praise the Lord,” to which the officer replied, “Yes sir, yes sir.'”