Man Holding Deadly Blue Sea Dragon Has People Perplexed

by Jon D. B.
Glaucus nudibranch (Glaucus sp.), with its main prey Velella (By the wind sailor). New South Wales, Australia. (Photo by Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Watch as one young beachgoer unknowingly picks up and examines one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean, the blue ‘sea dragon’ glaucus.

Ah, nature. Such beauty. Such fickle beauty. Our incredible natural world has a knack for pairing danger and physical appeal. Bright colors can be used to ward off predators or to attract mates, sure. But they can also be a grave warning.

Take the blue glaucus, for example. This tiny creature rarely grows past a single inch in length, but packs enough venom within its striped, florescent blue body to down a grown human. They feed on Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish, collecting their venom alongside that of other deadly creatures infinitely larger than themselves.

And this kid on TikTok just straight-up picked one up.

Meet @Julianobayd, a self-described “Australian bloke” who found himself an “alien-like” tiny blue creature on an Aussie beach and decided to pick it up. This creature is, of course, the deadly Blue Sea Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus). Observe his startling choices below:

“What is this?” asks Julian in his original TikTok above. He clearly has no idea (which, honestly, most people never will as the blue glaucus is a rare sight) what it is. This is enhanced by his hashtag choices of: #fish, #weird, #alien. An apt description if you’re unfamiliar with this otherworldly marine life, to be sure.

Blue Sea Dragon Encounter Prompts Best Comments on TikTok

It’s an incredible encounter to witness for several reasons. For one, the young man doesn’t die. He’s not even paralyzed! Which is excellent.

Furthermore, seeing the incredible, alien-like movement of this tentacled sea slug is nothing short of mesmerizing (see below).

But perhaps the undeniable highlight comes in the form of TikTok users’ responses to the Aussie bloke’s ignorance. Which, again, is understandable. But also please don’t go out into the wilds and touch strange-looking things. It hardly ever, and I mean ever, ends up this way.

Or, as DodgeGrandMinivan replies: “If it’s a vibrant color, by the law of nature don’t touch it.”


Reply to @fuji_kami777 #DisneyPlusVoices before i knew it could kill me 🥲 #beach #beachvibes #fish #weird #alien

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TikToker Fuji Kami comments: “It’s Obviously A Pokémon” with an eye-rolling emoji. Another fair assumption.

And I cannot help but laugh when someone replies something like Kaiden Wilson’s “this species has an extremely painful sting don’t touch it!!” on the video. Which, if it’s been filmed, it’s already too late, pal. But maybe Julianobayd will heed this advice for, y’know, the rest of his natural life.

Others, like Raquel, layout pitch-perfect responses, such as: “A rare sea slug called a ‘Blue Dragon’ (Glaucus atlanticus). The Blue Dragon packs a deadly venom for anyone who dares touch its body.”

Just another day on the internet, folks. But remember, from this Outsider and wildlife technician, touching wild animals makes for watchable footage and very poor life expectancy.