Man Known for Surviving Fifth Degree Burns Posts Wild Video Walking on Yellowstone Hot Springs

by Amy Myers

A Yellowstone National Park “touron” has earned himself a world of criticism after breaking park rules and walking on the incredibly fragile hot springs.

A TikToker named Matt Manrazi earned his online fame from very different circumstances. According to his posts, Manrazi survived fourth- and fifth-degree burns from accidental electrocution. And since then he’s used his platform to become a motivational speaker, often focusing on his faith.

All of this came secondary to his later adventure in Yellowstone National Park, though. Manrazi posted a quick clip of himself after “taking a dip in Yellowstone’s boiling spring.”

In the midst of putting his shirt back on, the TikToker joked, “Do I have a rash,” referring to his electrocution scars.

But the joke was lost on viewers. Instead, they focused on the fact that the man was damaging the area that was off-limits to visitors. Not to mention, just six years ago, another visitor died from stepping into 459-degree water at Yellowstone National Park. Now, Manrazi is the subject of discussion on the Facebook group “Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of The Idiots™!” even after he took down the video on TikTok.

Manrazi Apologizes for Offending Viewers with Yellowstone Hot Springs Video

On the Facebook page, Manrazi did accept some sense of responsibility in the comments of the post, a rare occurrence on social media.

“I agree, I 100% never intended to offend anybody but just to brighten somebody’s day and bring burn awareness to kids struggling after injuries… I took the video down because it wasn’t well received.”

He continued, “I truly do care about conservation, and put a lot into it… I have no problem owning up to my mistakes and apologize.”

Not surprisingly, viewers and national park enthusiasts were quick to condemn the visitor for his actions. The comments ranged from disapproving to downright disgusted.

On the original, now-deleted video, fellow TikTokers shared their disdain.

“Dude, you’re completely full of yourself and should stay the hell out of our national parks. The disrespect is just unreal,” one person wrote.

“Isn’t that illegal to even be standing there,” another asked, to which Manrazi responded, “For sure the general public should never do this without permission!”

Yellowstone ‘Touron’ May Receive Jail Time, Fines and Community Service

The response clearly demonstrated that Manrazi knew full well that what he was doing was wrong. Now, the video has reached the eyes of National Park Service officials. As a result, the trespasser may be facing a hefty sentence.

According to the Facebook post in the group, the NPS has now issued a lifetime ban to Manrazi. On top of that, pending prosecution, he may receive $5,000 worth of fines, seven days in jail and 100 hours of community service.

The potential sentencing seems to vindicate Manrazi’s critics, giving them hope that blatantly “disrespect” parklands will not be able to access the grounds for the rest of their lives.