Man Reportedly Survives 120-Foot Fall Off of Cliff While Taking Selfie

by Jon D. B.

The tourist, who reportedly wanted a selfie over Dorset’s famous Old Harry Rocks cliffs, fell 120 feet and landed in 4 feet of water.

“I honestly don’t know how he is still alive today,” says Ian Brown, one of the tourist’s rescuers. “It is a sheer drop of anywhere between 90ft to 120ft there.”

Brown, a member of England’s Swanage lifeboat team, tells The Sun that “the tide was in at the time” the man hit the water. Otherwise, he would’ve died on impact. Even with a mere 4 feet of water, however, Brown is still completely unsure how the man came out with his life.

“[The water] wouldn’t have been that deep, probably 4ft at most,” he continues. “He is incredibly lucky to have suffered relatively minor injuries… His injuries were reported to have been cuts and bruises.”

According to Brown, the man was “conscious and talking and was fine” upon his rescue. Apparently, the English tourist admitted to falling off the side of an Old Harry Rocks cliff while attempting to take a selfie. He then lost his footing and plummeted 120 feet into the shallow ocean waves below.

It’s the latest cautionary tale that proves no selfie, no matter how terrific it looks in one’s head, is worth a life.

Onlookers Horrified as Tourist Escapes Death By Selfie

The incident took place Sunday in Dorset, England. The Sun cites that several onlookers watched in horror as the tourist plummeted to what was surely to be his death.

One such person present was Jack Reagan, whose leisurely day out on his fishing boat turned into a terrible spectacle.

“One of [the onlookers] yelled out that somebody had fallen over the cliff.  I looked over to my left and there was a guy swimming in the water towards a kayak,” Reagan tells The Sun. “He managed to grab onto the front of the kayak and was helped to the shore.”

Reagan adds that rescuers immediately began warming the man up after pulling him from the frigid ocean. Like rescuer Ian Brown, however, he “can’t believe that [the man] is alive.”

“He should go and buy a lottery ticket; he is that lucky,” Reagan says.

After his death-defying selfie, the man went via rescuers to a local Dorset hospital with no internal injuries to report. All the while, he was perfectly “alert and calm.”