Man Rescued After Surviving Two Months in Bear-Infested ‘Ice Kingdom’

by Shelby Scott

A Russian reindeer herder was rescued for the second time from Siberia‘s frigid “ice kingdom.” He miraculously survived two months in the bear-infested region. The feat in and of itself is extraordinary. However, there’s something to say for the man’s luck, karma, juju, or whatever you might call it. As it so happens, the reindeer herder has gone missing in the frozen wasteland before.

Rescuers found the herder, 45-year-old Yegor Krivoshapkin, almost 200 miles from the location in which he went missing. According to The Sun, the temperatures in the region in which Krivoshapkin’s rescue took place plummets to temperatures around -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The outlet further stated that region, Yakutia, holds the title for the planet’s coldest permanently populated region.

Krivoshapkin’s rescue, however, has become an even more noteworthy feat as rescuers halted their search for him two weeks prior. Authorities told the family, “no-one can survive in such harsh conditions, you need to be realistic.”

The man is apparently recovering from frostbite and remains stable in hospital care. However, his ordeal in the Russian wasteland was by no means bearable. Foremost, the herder had to avoid the jaws of hungry bears and wolves, claiming to have slept beneath trees. His only means of survival came of 40-year-old tinned stores of food he found in the snow. The outlet stated the seemingly random find came from the Soviet era. Historically, the tins of food stored emergency supplies for lost herders.

Rescue Shares Mental Shutdown Post-Rescue

To simply survive the physical hardships caused by the Russian wasteland is remarkable in itself. However, the reindeer herder endured even more traumatizing mental and emotional hardships out in the tundra. The outlet stated he told his sister he had “switched off” while in the wilderness, losing his bearings and his sense of reality.

Even scarier, Krivoshapkin said he suffered “blackouts” and felt “in oblivion” searching for rescue. We might assume the cold, hunger, and unavoidable desperation led the man to dissociate from his surroundings and increasing the direness of his situation.

However, as I said above, this isn’t the first time the walking Russian miracle has gone missing. The reindeer herder went missing the first time in July of 2019. He stated he had become disoriented by the forest fires in Use-Yana taking place at the time.

Again, rescuers had abandoned their search after having been missing for six weeks. This time too, authorities believed he had suffered an attack by the region’s bears or wolves.

However, as we know, the man survived, this time only having traveled about 75 miles from his initial location. While we aren’t sure following the herder’s latest rescue, Krivoshapkin admitted he’d gotten panicked after becoming disoriented from the fires following his first ordeal.

While I don’t say this to be insensitive in any way, someone should definitely consider putting a tracker on this man.