Man Rescued From Hudson River After Jumping Into to Save His Dog

by Megan Molseed

Canines can truly be man’s best friend. One well-loved New York City pup found out first-hand how far its owner would go to keep it safe. The incident happened after the pup’s accidental fall into the Hudson River.

On Saturday, New York City emergency services were called to rescue a man after he jumped into the Hudson River to rescue his furry pal.

A Sunday morning New York Instagram post shared the harrowing ordeal. The photo featured along with the post is captioned “Man rescued after jumping into Hudson River to save his dog.”

“NYPD’s Harbor and Emergency Service Unit helped rescue a man who struggled to save his dog after the pooch accidentally fell into the #HudsonRiver,” the post explained.

You can see in the photograph that the man was saved using a life-jacket contraption along with a line that pulled him to land. The picture also shows that the pooch, while soaking wet and looking worried, was just fine.

Around 5 p.m. Saturday evening, July 17, the man witnessed his pooch accidentally tumble into the water along the river. The man immediately sprung into action jumping into the water around 43rd Street and 12th Avenue in New York City.

The Rescuer Becomes The Rescued

The pet owner was able to retrieve his furry companion. However, the emergency wasn’t over as the man began to struggle in the water.

The New York Police Department’s Harbor and Emergency Service Unit were able to get to the scene in time.

“Great work by #NYPD Harbor & ESU rescuing a male that jumped into the Hudson River to retrieve his dog that accidentally fell into the water,” New York City police tweeted. “The male was unable to return to land, responding personnel quickly removed both the man & his dog to safety.”

The social media post included a picture of the harrowing rescue. Both the man and his furry friend are soaking wet as they hold onto each other during the rescue.

With its murky waters, extremely deep spots, and super-strong currents, the Hudson River along New York City’s coastline is a very dangerous place to swim. Not to mention the pollution that has taken over much of the waterway. The area spans miles along the shore. There are currently no areas safe for swimming along the New York City shoreline. The boat traffic along the river is always busy.

Guarded By New York City’s finest

The New York City Police Department’s Harbor Unit serves multiple purposes along the waterway. Duties include search and rescue missions, disabled boaters, and much more. The unit also serves an important role in the city’s counterterrorism effort policing the traffic along the river as well as keeping an eye on infrastructures on bridges and sea walls along the way. Luckily, the unit was able to save both the man and the pooch.