Man Shelters 300+ Dogs Displaced by Hurricane Delta

by Halle Ames

A man in Mexico decided to house more than 300 dogs when Hurricane Delta ripped through the region last week. 

Hurricane Delta

Ricardo Pimentel, the operator of Tierra de Animales, a wildlife sanctuary in Cancún, wasn’t sure what to do with his nearly 500 animals when Hurricane Delta was approaching the area. Most of the animals in the sanctuary lived outside in large enclosures with little access to cover.

Pimentel tracked the storm’s severity and path, and when it reached winds of 145 mph, he knew he had to take action. Like any animal lover, he brought nearly 300 of the dogs into his own home to wait out the storm. What could go wrong? 

“They are all spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed,” said Pimentel. “Almost all of them are ready to be adopted.”

The animal lover created Tierra de Animales nearly nine years ago. 

“Those 300 dogs that I took into my house are some of the ones that already live at Tierra de Animales,” said Pimentel. “It’s just that we don’t have enough hurricane-proof shelters for all the dogs, so to keep them safe from that, we decided to put them in the house.”

To Donate

Pimentel said that since he was a boy, he had been rescuing animals and noted that since the devastating hurricane, his sanctuary might “need more help than ever.” He hopes to expand and to prepare for weather like this in the future. 

“We work with the help of people from all over the world, who donate whatever they can,” said Pimentel. “We are going to build more and better shelters for all the animals of the sanctuary.”

If you would like to help donate to Pimentel’s fund for the Tierra de Animales aftermath cleanup from Hurricane Delta, as well as aiding in rescuers care for the animals, please go to

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