Man Sinks Truck in Lake Trying to Get Head Start on Ice Fishing Season

by Shelby Scott

Weeks of unusually warm fall temperatures across the country have finally concluded. Now, Outsiders finally see cold fronts relieving some unbearably warm October weather. For the moment, we are more than happy for the official arrival of fall. Chilly winds, colorful leaves, and woodsmoke galore act as a stark relief to the intense heat earlier this month. However, while we happily adjust to the true chill of autumn, some areas across Wisconsin are already seeing frost coating their lawns. The chilly weather has led some sportsman to try to get an early jump on ice fishing.

Unfortunately, for one impatient and intoxicated Wisconsin fisherman, the ice (or, really, the lack of) got the better of him. According to We Are Green Bay, an ice fishing trip came to a rapid end when the man decided to take both his truck and his ice shack out on the ice. However, soon enough, the truck and the shack sunk in the water, the driver charged with an OWI.

The driver happened to make national news operating the vehicle and testing the lack of ice while intoxicated. Although, interestingly, local authorities stated the incident was the third OWI of the night. Fortunately, the driver did not sustain injuries during the incident. However, the jury’s still out on whether he went for a chilly swim.

Of the incident, Barron County Sheriff’s Department said, “Alcohol was a contributing factor to this case and we take these very serious because these types of offenses are preventable.”

So for now, while you snow junkies anticipate the first ice and snowfall, perhaps consider hanging back on your ice fishing endeavors.

Florida Alligator Interrupts 7-Year-Old’s Fishing Trip

Our Wisconsin ice fishermen impatiently continue to wait for the arrival of, well, ice. Meanwhile, in much warmer environments, a 7-year-old bass fisherman got the shock of his life when his catch was snatched by an alligator.

Earlier this month, the young boy, Dawson MacMahon, had been fishing with his dad, Sean MacMahon, when the incident occurred. Prior to the alligator’s rapid catch, Dawson had been doing his best to reel in his bass, though he described it as a fighter.

Meanwhile, the young fisherman’s dad captured footage of the incident, encouraging Dawson throughout the ordeal. However, soon enough, the fight with the bass was over. Not only did the intimidating creature chomp down on the little boy’s fish, he was forced to drop his fishing pole, the creature dragging it away behind him.

While the loss of the fishing pole is unfortunate, they are easily replaceable. Viewers of the footage commended the young fisherman’s quick thinking in simply letting the fishing pole go, noting the ferocity of alligators overall.

“So glad he was smart enough to drop that pole,” one viewer wrote. “Woah. That gator has no fear of humans at all,” commented another. No doubt!