Manatee Spotted in Flooded Florida Front Yard During Tropical Storm Eta

by Madison Miller

While Florida has been in the headlines this week because of Tropical Storm Eta, so has some of its creatures.

Heavy rain and extreme flooding resulted from the tropical storm. As a result, streets were lined with stranded cars and overturned trees.

While this storm probably caused most people in Florida to remain indoors and safe, it meant something else for other non-human Florida natives.

Aquatic Animals Visit

For example, earlier this week there was a huge alligator roaming Naples. Now there’s a big manatee casually taking ownership in a yard in Flagler Beach.

According to the New York Post, “Matt Hathaway was so amazed by the 10-foot-long marine mammal that he posted a clip to Facebook. Adult manatees can stretch 13 feet and weigh more than 3,500 pounds.”

The tide had gotten so high in this Florida resident’s yard it was more than enough water for this manatee to swim and have a snack.

Commenters on the Facebook page seemed excited about the prospect of having a manatee in their backyard.

One person said, “I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to squeeze that animal.” Another person commented, “I would be so happy if this happened to me.”

As opposed to other beasts that reside in Florida, the “sea cow” doesn’t seem to spark a lot of fear.

According to National Geographic, they can be anywhere from 440 to 1,300 pounds. Manatees are at-risk and have protection laws in place for them. They are killed frequently by boats or from entanglement in fishing nets.

Florida and Normal Oddity

Florida is often at the tail-end of jokes regarding commonly having “odd news.”

Buzzfeed published an article about all things strange that happened in Florida in 2019. Back in May of 2019, an alligator was found floating on an alligator pool float at an Airbnb.

It seems Florida is no stranger to their aquatic animals coming out to visit them every now and then.